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Motorola V635

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  • pwscottiv

The v635 SUCKS! The switch that the phone uses to determine if it's open or not activates by just barely pushing laterally on the other half. The camera eye filled with pocket "fuzz" within less than a month, rendering the camera completely useless. The buttons on the outside are VERY easily activated, which leaves me with hundreds of fuzzy pictures of the inside of my pocket. The processor is super-slow and/or the whomever did the programming sucks. And it won't let you place a call while it's on a car-charger. I hate this phone.

  • Anonymous

this phone is stupid..charging port gets damaged easily....does not close properly.

  • thomas

my mobile has a problem on the screen theres a word says contact serves provider and theres nothing i can do about it my question what can i do now please help me

  • Anonymous

hahs..dis was my first phn bt i lost it during summer holiday................

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for a year and enjoyed it, it has a lot of features to keep you happy.

Only a couple criticisims though:
1. It does seem to crash every so often.
2. When you are taking a picture with the flash on, you always end up with a bright light in the bottom right corner of the picture as the flash and the camera are so close.

  • Sv

i simply hate this phone!!!its been two years that i have it n it really s***ks!!!!i used it for 6 months and than it started to freeze while writing msgs, i could only make ans answer calls but not send messages as it freezed all the time, the cover is hyper loose i had to tie a ribbon in order to keep it together,i has to repair this mobile about 6 times in 2 years for the same problem! the battery dies real soon, lets say it only lasts for about3 hours!!!!earlier i used motorola c350 which didnt have a good battery but it was far better than this one!now am forced to use a nokia 3310 until i get nother phone, do not ever buy this phonwe it is real expensive but not worth it at all!!!

  • ducci pappi

my mp3 player is expired.
all my games are frozen and cant load any more.
my phone freezes most of the time.
please answer me.

  • Anonymous

best. phone. ever. have had it for 2 years, it's the best phone i've ever had.

  • Anonymous

the memory card goes in the 'front' of the phone, where the outside lcd is, you see the silver metal trim around the black 'plastic'...slightly widen the top so instead of a U shape the metal part looks more like a V..and slide it off, u'll see the memory card slot on ur left side (all of this is when the phone is facing you as shown in the pic)

  • 2 yr user again

Denver, your text message memory is full. Not your picture memory.

Sayem, yes it does. You just have to hit the subkey for "view". It says "View" right on the screen.

Mark, you just have to change the properties on the theme. When you change wallpapers, you are changing a theme. It IS customizable, just pay attention to what you are changing. And, you can change a wallpaper to a personal picture...without changing any tones.

Mark, the battery warning tone is on most [all] Motorolas.

Bottom line, this phone is packed with features - and obviously some people haven't looked at the manual for it. The voting results don't lie. The sound in the ear piece wasn't as loud as some phones, but that can be fixed easily by putting more holes in the ear piece. The earpiece sound is very clear. I don't drop my phone very often, but I have on pavement and concrete getting out of the car before. Nothing has ever broken. It's the most solid phone I used. Even beat my Nokia. The phone picks up a strong signal better than many other phones I've seen/used. I will have a signal while some friends on the same network won't. Really a solid phone overall and can be found cheap now. Oh, and the camera really is a good looking picture. Some people haven't even been able to notice it.

  • 2 yr user

On the front of the clam, the metal strip outlining the edges slides down. You will see the memory card slot after that. Didn't you get a manual with the phone?

  • z

where memory card is putting,I have looked all over the phone,but I can't finde it...plz answer me!!!

  • warrior1476

trp_adorable try to install a java app with MotoMidMan. You can find it on google ;)

  • Sayem

Most frustating thing is, this mobile do not record the time of missed and dialled call

  • Denver

I'v been trying to send pics but it keeps on telling me memory full even after deleting a whole lot it just does not send any of my pics to recipients.Could you assist me in this matter. I'v even called in customer care but no luck and in fact it's quite frustrating not having found any solution to this problem after asking consultants which are meant to be of help.
Pleese can you settle this matter for me.

  • trp_adorable

Somebody Please help!!something has gone wrong with my phone software. when i try to open games and applications i get a message saying"no installed MIDlet suites" what should i do? because now i do not hav my MP3 player and games!!somebody please help!!

  • Debbie


I have just got a Nokia handset to replace my damaged Motorola V635. I have
old texts on the V635 that are stored to the phone memory not the SIM. I'd
like to get them onto my new Nokia handset .. anyone know how I can do this
i.e. get them onto the V635 SIM ??

  • Anonymous

i have had this phone for some time now and its great.

  • Anonymous

i have had this phone for some time now and its great.

  • Anonymous

I have a mp3 tone set for when i get a text message. Anytime i get a text the song starts playin, then stops, then starts again. Does anyone know why this is happening?