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  • user#1

its great but every1 has the same question...i have wondows xp, how do u download music from this pc to the fone?!?!?!

i wish they wud make this easier ! if u have any anser pleez post on this forum!

thanx, user#1

  • Juan Ortiz

I bought this phone yesterday by internet in Mexico, this phone hasnīt come to my country yet for a global company and i wanted to know if i could configure it for mms messages or for navigate with the wap.. I think this phone rocks and thatīs why i have it also i want to know where are selling the cards of 1gb.. i just have 1 of 128mg.,thanks

  • Tiago

I bought a v635 and iīd like to know if anyone know if i can use a memory card by 1GB???

  • jonny

i used to have this phone and its pretty good, the only really annoying thing is that you canonly record for about 30 secs max, so i got the d500 instead

  • ed

you ppl are crazy.this phone rocks and it does support up to 1gb crad. i did it!

  • DiGiTaL

This is a nice phone. I got it few days ago and it seems to be amazing but i just have a question. Does anyone know if there is a way to add games to it using the USB or anything to connect to the computer to download them instead of going on the internet in the phone.
Because the internet causes money for me to connect and plus i have a lot of the games in my computer (java games such as bejewled etc..).


  • Aaron

I got this phone about two weeks ago. I was looking to get the 635i, which is just a 635 w/ a 512 card in box, but the salesman said that they recalled them due to problems with the big card.

Well, thanks to that I payed $50 less for it, and after a few days decided to look at the card and.... it was a 512. So score for me.

Anyways, he was right. The card (albeit free so I don't care) behaves rather stangely at times. Files deleted while connected to my computer don't dissapear in the phone, it refuses to access mp3's (rebooting helps), and pictures don't transfer when you want them to (just tell it to do it again, that usually helps). General rule: Don't believe it when it says "file in use".

Anyways, apart from that, and I'm not complaining about a free half gig transflash card, it's a great phone so far. I'm tired of toys that don't last until my contract is up, but this feels like the most solid phone I've ever owned. The aluminum faceplate seems rock solid.

Syncs fine with my MAC via isync, and the wallpapercomming up on the outside of the phone is a featre I admittedly cannot stop oogling.

Software is a little bit on the downside of useability. This phone has so many features that they have not yet a worked out a really co-ordinated system to use them all. The method for selecting the ringer, for instance, is just stupid. And I'm not a big fan of one phone number for entry, so that all my contacts get listed 2-3 times in the directory.

  • Don't buy from us

This is a great phone! I tried to buy this phone from (Empire Global Tech Inc.), they took my money but never delivered the phone. PayPal says "fraudulent seller", what ever you do DO NOT buy from this company. This phone rocks!

  • THC

Planning to by this one... what about the battery? How long does it last, normal usage?

  • Jorge

Please somebody explainme on stereo out and MP3 player mode... Thanks

  • mitter

Hey Miten try reading the articles before posting a question. Read instructions given to sweet babe.

  • AccordingLee

Motorola Website says it's capable of 256mb storage.­f

  • AccordingLee

Response to ::VSS comment::
You need to have the Moto USB cable for your V635. Download the program "P2KTools". And you can delete your locked ringtones.

  • Miten

Can you send Pictures via Bluetooth from phone to phone? because I read on an article in a magazine that you couldn't

  • forg3

the output of mp3 player is stereo to headphones or mono? just wondering...

  • shaun

does anyone know what the memory limit is on the transflash cards for this. i heard 256mb from someone but i really want to put 512mb on it. if anyone knows please tell me.

  • Tanisha

Does anyone know how I can download picture messages? When someone sends them to me, I press where I says download and there is a pause then it says it cannot be downloaded. Same thing happens when I try to send a picture message. Please email me to tell me how to fix it.

  • Mitter

Yo SweetBabe, the answer to your question(s) is:
Under the SETTINGS --> Connection --> Bluetooth --> Set Up --> Power On ... if you keep it on all the time you will kill your battery. To find someone to send a file to you need to: Select the File --> Copy --> BlueTooth --> Look for Device or Chose one from you Device History. if you want to send a Phone Book contact to another BlueTooth device chose Send instead of Copy and there you go. It is a little counterintuitive this way but it works.
You can also send a photo the same way but if you use the Copy command you can write a message on the Photo

  • vss

anyone knows if its possible to delete the already existing ringtones and themes from V635?They are locked , but I need more memory space.I downloaded a mp3 song today that lasts for 3 minutes and I dont have much memory left.thanks.vss

  • warthog

bruce. . . save it on the phone memory rather than the flash card. not much room i know, but it's the only way.