Motorola VE66 announced, 5 MP camera and Wi-Fi confirmed

18 Nov, 2008

Today Motorola announced their second 5MP phone - the slider VE66. The other highlight feature is the Wi-Fi connectivity. Most of the specifications that were rumored when images of the phone leaked about 1 month ago were confirmed by the press release issued by the American company today.

Running on the Linux-based MOTOMAGX OS, Motorola VE66 comes with a 2.2" 256K color TFT display and a quick Freescale SCM-A11 500MHz processor.

The 5MP autofocus camera can also record video with QVGA resolution, but unlike the Motorola ZN5 it won't carry the Kodak branding. The cam phone also has Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP and microSD card slot.

However it seems that the rumored 3G-supporting version has been dropped somewhere in the development process. The Motorola VE66 will only come with quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support.

Motorola VE66 also comes with the FastScroll touch-sensitive navigation wheel, which according to the manufacturer should allow you to browse through menus and content with improved speed and accuracy.

The Motorola VE66 is expected to hit the shelves until the end of the year but the price is yet to be disclosed.

We also managed to snatch a bunch of screenshots from the UI of Motorola VE66.

Motorola VE66 screenshots


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Lol!! people!! these guys invented mobile phone!! Now they are back in form!! Innovative!! Pioneers!!

  • mugenyi Ismail Jr

Welmoto, u r welocome to the world of the bright. A bigger Screen please and embedde more office applications please. Otherwise this was a kabooooom version.

  • jjsoviet

People who jump into conclusions are really the ones who are dumb. These "Moto suxx! Kill this crap company NAO!!!!" is getting senseless. Learn to study and experience before you judge.

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