Motorola W230

Motorola W230

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  • Sandeep

This was my first phone, purchased in 2008. Missing those days...

  • Dipu

This is my first mobile. which was gifted to me by my brother in law.
superb mobile in that time.i got it on 25th February 2008. miss u .

  • DemonOnGround

I really liked this phone. I used it from mid 2008 all the way to early 2016. I purchased two replacement batteries at a local hardware store that both still work. RadioShack had the adapter needed to connect the 4 pin 2.5mm headphone jack to a 3 pin 3.5mm plug to connect it to my car stereo.

Just last night I pulled the SD card to put the music on my blackberry.

If my blackberry and Android did not both play music, I would still have this little phone in my car just to play music. I'm keeping it just in case I need a small music player.

This is the kind of quality product that made Motorola famous.

  • Capung

This was my first Phone 😂😁

  • AnonD-75913

dee, 24 Dec 2012give the information about line1 and line2.Line 1 is a line in which u can call and use the phone,, but line 2 is a fake line which doesn't allows user to call,but shows busy line instead, this is given so you can trick or prevent any unauthorized calls from your phone(specially unwanted persons).

  • AnonD-75913

AnonD-346731, 30 Dec 2014I need new battery and charger of this phoneERD battery BT-130 3.7V is available for motorola w230. i have purchased it today for Rs250/- and charged it for 3 hours,, it is working very well as original battery.. regarding, charger it is a tuf, work,, because this phone needs its only original charger for charging, or else it shows error and dosent charges,,

  • AnonD-346731

I need new battery and charger of this phone

  • Anonymous

i want to purchase its battery and charger.

  • AnonD-315200

nice phone....
i got his battery today.

  • Peeeeeee

nice phone.....
i got his battery today....

  • Vishanth K

Best Mobile I had so far. Brought on 2009, still no issues faced. Battery lasts for 2 days, if handle my normal office calls. Good Music Player & FM. Light weight, so easy to hold calls for hours.
I try to throw it to buy new mobile. But POWERING ON Again when assembled :-(

  • AnonD-307629

this is the best phone moto released between the yrs 2008-2013.its look is killer.its speaker is dynamic. DONT BELIVE ARENA 100%. IT HAS BLUETOOTH is my sister's second phone.its still in usable condition.

  • Destruktion

Akhil, 29 May 2014Battery power doesnt make me much satisfactionyou don't know how to use the cellphone dude

  • Akhil

gopi , 27 Aug 2013hai i am used this phone .my collage not used camera phone ... moreBattery power doesnt make me much satisfaction

  • Destruktion

this is a really awesome phone i used around three years! and never failed to me, i switch over to an android phone, and when the android stops working, this motorola was still working like the first day i bought it.

  • tj

hi i purchased this phone on ebay, 2 days ago,and everthing was good for 2 days,then eventually it switched off due to low battery,the prob is its not switching on even after 1 hour charging

  • gopi

hai i am used this phone .my collage not used camera phone so in this phone věry use full mě .

  • raju

realy very best handset i am using this from 4 years

  • Anonymous

boiette, 17 Nov 2012crystal talk very nice..sounds like shit on phone calls

  • Aadil

In my phone memory i have 50 msg...then i will do switch off phone after switch on my mobile it is 20 msg is their that is saved in sim memory... Pls tell me what is problem