Motorola W230

Motorola W230

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  • Elvis Fernandes

although there is no Bluetooth, the W230 really rocks because Motorola thought of a Below 3000 phone with extendable memory that too upto 2 GB.
And of course with me working in a call centre to store more than 1000 songs thru the USB port and carry my data in this phone is something that I really am delighted to know. GO MOTO GO !

  • Anonymous

good start from motorola this year
both new phones r good

  • yogesh

ya this is the perfect for me from motorola becuz i m in call centre ...i m waiting for this type of fone from long time
and camera is not allow there

  • Anonymous

omg if only i can give the chairman of motorola a big whack in the back of his head to wake him up...

  • talha

A very good release from motorola with good features

  • Anonymous

price annouced 2950 for indian market

  • Anonymous

yeh moto this is perfect for call centre employees

  • Kal

........and I thought Moto has many low end phones.

  • abc

MOTOROLA always makes a mistake in each and every launch of there phones, I don't know why but it's become a habbit for them. For example the w270 & w230. I mean to say there is something which customer will be lacking i.e; BLUETOOTH. I agree this is targeted at the low end market, but it would be better if motorola makes a note to fix this problem. Else these phones really ROCKS.

  • nak007

I think motorola can make this type of phone for 08 it sound like they want to make it for ppl who have low class and some ppl don't want to $ too much on Mobil. But the battery is better then some model of Nokia like 7030 got Camera MP3 Radio... but Battery only 700mAh, how can battery can support last long???

  • Erik

Motorola made this phone to market it to African countries. That's why it's dual band GSM 900 / GSM 1800 and has 7 African languages.

The American model of this phone is more for those who want a simple yet functional phone for for those who can't afford fancy phones.

  • Anonymous

what is motorola thinking