Motorola W270

Motorola W270

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  • Anonymous

THE sound quality is SUPERB ...

  • kranti pabbu

pls come up with some good models again similat to w220.

  • Anonymous

its available in india now

  • Anonymous

very good phone mp3+mamoryslote+fm

  • Anonymous

Even having these much space y motorola, screen size is small. Any use in doin tht?

  • Anbazhagan

Nice phone with mp3 & momery slot
Is music quality comparable with other competitors?

  • Tyler

hey people, i really need your help. Motorola keeps making new w-series "krzr" phones, yet EVERYTIME they lack a certain feature. For example, w375 cool phone, no bluetooth or micro-sd slot. The w270, i know it's a budget phone but motorola should make another one with a camera. I have been waiting a long time for motorola to wake up and just make one fine w-series flip phone. If enough of us can go to and contact them to try to convince them to make a w-series flip phone with Fm radio, micro-sd slot, bluetooth, and camera, they might actually take this idea and introduce one last w-series phone. They actually came pretty close with the w490, but it doesn't have an fm radio (Really important to me) So I would really appreciate it if you all could send motorola a simple e-mail telling them that they should make ONE LAST w-series flip phone with all of the features consumers want; bluetooth, fm radio, camera, and micro-sd slot, that's all we need! Thanks everyone!

  • prettykhim

how much is it?..can't wait for it to come out.. i dont care if this phone doesn't have a camera.. cheap phone with radio,usb,nice design,500 message capacity and card slot is too much enough for me! =)..

  • Anonymous

"7 African languages, Hinglish, Bengali, Tamil" hah, I'd like to have it just to see what those languages look like. And I'd never have to erase messages with 500 SMS capacity. I wonder what will the price be. USB and MicroSD too? What's "FM recorder for alarm signal only"?

  • Harlekkin

Uhm... Motorola has been slowing down in releasing new phones and it wouldn't surprise me if they would not sell on their cell-division.

Seems to be a trend amongst American companies. Someone claimed that America does three times as much R&D as Europe, surprisingly much for so many small advancements.

  • tyler

i think they used a CTSN 120*120 pixel screen to save battery life. It will probably seem small at first, but I'd get used to it. Can't wait for it to come out.

  • Bo

It's a budget phone, it's supposed to be cheap and thus lacks some features. But I really think it could have used 128*160 screen, doesn't have to be TFT but TFT would be good. And since W230 lacks bluetooth, this phone could use one. The naming somehow says that W270 should bring about more features than W230. But it doesn't. I won't mind though as long as it doesn't cost much more than W230. Seeing a really cheap music phone is a rare occasion.

  • JollyRoger

Why do all designs look like razor?

  • tyler

does anyone know if this phone has mp3 ringtones. It says it has an mp3 player but only polyphonic ringtones, that makes no sense!!!

  • zion cage

smart fone. wht no cam.

  • vinith

Yes ur right....... iam damn sure motorola will not give up its name & fame to others............ come on MOTO u can & we are there wid u

  • Anonymous

One more good ol' American Company going down the tubes, or bought out by the Chinese. Motorola, SHAME ON YOU!!! You are a giant, keeping the mobile phone division alive financially, means nothing to you. On the other hand, maintaining integrity of the Motorola brand as we all know Motorola to be is extremely valuable. You can absolutely bounce back into the market. Here is your opening statement when one enters
"We’re scientists. We’re artists. Most of all, we are a global communications leader, powered by, and driving, seamless mobility. Motorola is revolutionizing broadband, embedded systems and wireless networks – bringing cutting-edge technologies into your everyday life, with style"
So why are you giving up? why allow another Company to use the prestigious name MOTOROLA. Paul Galvin the founder would be mighty upset at your decision. And for what? just to enhance the already FAT pockets of shareholders. MOOROLA, GET UP AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN!! I'm sure consumers will remain loyal to you and new business will prevail if you maitain the integrity of the brand. Making a merger or aquisition move like the one you're thinking would be the beginning of the end of MOTOROLA!! For example, Daimler/Chrylser, Ford/Jaguar versus BMW. Although MEGA MERGER OFFERS have been suggested, BMW remains ahead of the game because of integrity of the brand. Don't make the mistake!! Readers and motorola users support this comment, we can all make a difference.

  • tyler

anyone notice on the stock photo the date says 4-10-08? maybe that's a clue to when it will be released in america. I hope it comes soon, i have been waiting SO LONG for a basic phone with mp3 player and radio.

  • tyler

Again, for those of you complaining about the lack of features of this phone, "oh small screen, oh no camera, where's the bluetooth" IT'S A BUDGET PHONE. In other words, it's a type of phone used for VOICE CALLS and SMS MESSAGING for those who also want a music experience in a basic phone. Also some companies don't allow you to bring camera phones, and if you want a camera, THEN GET A CAMERA!!! stop blaming motorola for your desires of "multimedia phones" I love this phone, the moment it comes out i'm getting it.

  • beni

how much its gona cost ... probably 10$ phone its horible phone get it out of the phone market