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Motorola W270

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  • Anonymous

Motorola to Exit Cellphone Manufacturing!

Motorola cellphone industryAccording to Nomura Internationalís Richard Windsor, Motorola may be leaving the handset industry to concentrate on being and enterprise and government company. Moto announced a $388 million operating loss last year. According to Windsor, the problem is non-hardware but the software and platform on which Motorola phones operate.

Itís also unlikely a Chinese outfit will buy out Motorolaís handset division as no one has an idea how to bring it up to the time when Moto RAZR ruled.

  • tyler

the longest battery life of any music phone out there. I have been waiting for motorola to make a KRZR design flip phone with fm radio and music player. My wait is finally over. As soon as this phone comes out, i'm gonna get it!

  • Anonymous

any idea if it can record voice and phone conversations(limited only by memory)??

  • Anonymous

looks and sounds excellent - just what people need

  • Prasad

3 cheers for MOTO

Motorola is the second company who has dared to come up witha cell phoen that does not have camera after Sony ericsson w950,but that is avery high end fone,thanks Moto for reminding us that a fone can also be made without a Camera, I believe a Phone is for making fone calls & sending SMS,

I also liked it bcoz my company does not allow camera fones & then their are very less options for fones without cameras

I think Nokia & other companies should also starts thinking now

  • WhyDis

I am under the impression that this phone was designed purely for the purpose of communicationog via TEXT or VOICE CALLING.

Moto has intentionally left out the thrills and frills and sell this phone for the indended prupose of a cell phone. Therfore it has a great battery life and talk time. It is not being depleted by other add ons that defeat the purpose of a cell phone IMO. If you in trouble are you going to worry about the camera u have on ur phone or the MP3 u wann play or the fact that u have enough battery life to make an emergency call or two.

If you like a phone with all the frills then get that. You pay for it.. no need to dis this phone. Compare apples with apples...

I think its time people follow motto and start making phones for their intended means.

btw.. I own a NOKIA 6280 so my opinion is not bias in any way. I think there are lots of people here misisng the point.

  • Anonymous

great phone, great idea, mega cheap phone with mp3, can't ask for more (or do you expect cheap phones to be on the level of N95?)

  • Motoroll

Here we go again.

Everytime Motorola releases a new simple, cheap handset it's the same crap.


"NO 3G?"



For crying out loud this is a $20 cheap phone that will be sold in developing markets and as a prepaid for those who can't afford anything more.

  • Anonymous

useless fone wats w/th the microsd w/o a mp3 format??? and w/o a mp3 player??? huh!!! pathetic!!!

  • peter702

Motorola is stepping backwards. having a built-in camera is still important. helps free your pockets of a bulky camera. who ever is designing their phones should try to get pass the "Razor" style too. it's played out. yes, i know that that design was the most popular and highest selling.. blah blah blah... but is it still popular as it was YEARS and YEARS ago?

  • Anonymous

good deal these is the fone for the restricted camera areas

  • Anonymous

good fone

  • Anonymous

Opninion givers in these section needs to understand that not everyone is concern about the high tech ends of a mobile phone. First and foremost a cell phone is to make calls and secondly text messages. It's call basic communication.

Moto is doing everything it can to infiltrate consumers from all financial spectrum- and they are doing it rightly by churning out cheap phones that handles basic communications.

Before consumers complain another cheap phone from Moto- remember not everyone can afford to dish up AUD$899 for a MotoRazrV2. You could just be that minority too.

  • Anonymous

Ugh more moto haters.. If you don't like it then don't look or post simple as that, UNLIKE most companies Motorola aims at other areas as well, I.E Budget market or support things like charities,

This is a simple phone nothing more nothing less, Oh and FYI I have a feeling Motorola will be back with a bang this year

  • Bo

At least it could have used 128x160 display.

  • Anonymous

hey moto stop making these crap fones m'kay..
no camera? 1.6inch screen? dont bother....cancel its release..
release that Z10 instead..

  • Tyler

why does motorola keep reintroducing the w375?! omfg they were so close. This phone seems excelent, but 1. look at at screen! It's so freaking tiny! and 2. where's that camera? there should be a camera on this phone. Motorola was so close.

  • Sameer Patel

Excellent Features in lower range , definetely competitors will run for there money.

  • Anonymous

This phone is great for those who are working in restricted area and wants a phone WITHOUT camera as a music player. thumbs up.

  • Anonymous

y even bother camera??
do motorola even care abt competition from nokia and SE?
moto sux...