Motorola W490

Motorola W490

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  • pippo

today i got mine it's a great phone it realy makes the money

  • tyler

hey people, i really need your help. Motorola keeps making new w-series "krzr" phones, yet EVERYTIME they lack a certain feature. For example, w375 cool phone, no bluetooth or micro-sd slot. The w270, i know it's a budget phone but motorola should make another one with a camera. I have been waiting a long time for motorola to wake up and just make one fine w-series flip phone. If enough of us can go to and contact them to try to convince them to make a w-series flip phone with Fm radio, micro-sd slot, bluetooth, and camera, they might actually take this idea and introduce one last w-series phone. They actually came pretty close with the w490, but it doesn't have an fm radio (Really important to me) So I would really appreciate it if you all could send motorola a simple e-mail telling them that they should make ONE LAST w-series flip phone with all of the features consumers want; bluetooth, fm radio, camera, and micro-sd slot, that's all we need! Thanks everyone!

  • alex


  • Anonymous

should i buy this mobile phone?i dont't know what to do:(i think it has a great price....but the performances?????thanks:)

  • tiffany

how do i get my signature to work ? its not working

  • ayo

the micro card slot is at the bottom back of the phone. it is very easy to find

  • Terror X-treme

A simple mobile phone, with little features.

  • Terror X-treme

A simple mobile phone, with little features.

  • Anonymous

i like it, i have a microSD card 1GB. i have only one problem: where to put the .jar extentions for the phone to read them?

  • Vlad

It does have a card slot. And you can also put themes on it if you tinkle a bit in the software. It's slow but has a long battery life (6-7 days) with 3-4 text messages and around 150 mins a day of calls. Good sound quality and good reception. I'm happy with its basic functions, after all that's the purpose of a phone.

  • Anonymous

i don;t know what to believe....i saw at that it doesn't have a slot card but on this site you say it has a slot card....

  • Anonymous

i hate this phone. It is extremely slow doing eveything. first of all, when i answer the phone i have to say hello like 3 times before people can hear me, second of all the phone absolutley cannot keep up with my texting and it doesn't remember the spelling of words i use all of the time in the predictive text mode. I hate sending pictures because it takes somtimes up to 5 minuted to send one pic. sometimes i'll have to erase the message and re-send it again. and don't even bother sending a message to a group of people like Merry Christmas or something because that will take dang near all day. bottom line......don't buy this phone unless u don't text, don't send picture and don't mind saying hello three times before someone can hear you

  • Annette

I got the phone about a week ago. If you don't need all the extras on your phone it is a good phone at a great price.

  • Anonymous

I do not like this phone at all for my purposes. Yes it has a great camera, however I have already had to send one back in less than a week because the keypad kept pushing 8 by itself. My main problem with this phone is the browser. Half of the pages I try to visit tell me it can't be displayed or not found. For basic functions its ok but don't expect bells and whistles.

  • gabriel

Good phone... best price... goooood camera

  • Gbariel

It has an 22MB internal memory not 5MB how is presented on the page... it's a cool phone ...just the right price

  • Neyce

This phone is Cute... but i recently purchased it on Halloween. 2 weeks ago my kepyad stopped working. I ordered a replacement under warranty and today, the replacement stopped working as well.. has anybody else has this problem with this model. Thanks

  • Anonymous

first impresion: great

  • Anonymous

its available in india or not
should have
motorola plz start to give in all phones

  • N@HuEl

Sorry if my English is bad I'm from Argentina :)