Motorola XPRT MB612

Motorola XPRT MB612

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  • Last2000
  • fsV
  • 11 Mar 2019

I am having problem with my battery trying to get another one for replacement but l could not it, please how can l get another battery ?.

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    • sirjey
    • 3sE
    • 22 Sep 2014

    Mine won't check my account balance, pls what will I do?

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      • hisgirl
      • kTR
      • 04 Sep 2014

      I love the phone. Works GREAT for me

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        • Di
        • pXD
        • 31 Mar 2014

        I am thinking buying this cell phone. Did you recomended?

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          • Unhappy owner!
          • 7Fp
          • 21 Mar 2014

          This phone is horrid. We bought it from a boost store brand new - the agent raved about it, one day after owning it, it started automatically shutting down, rebooting itself - then it would freeze and I'd have to reboot. The screen keyes right above the keypad (which lets you go to the home screen or go back a page) doesn't work at all anymore. This phone has never worked correctly and the only thing they offered was a refurbished phone when we bought this BRAND NEW! DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THIS PHONE - they are actually selling them for $1.99 at some places and it's not even worth that!

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            • AnonD-226260
            • KIQ
            • 21 Jan 2014

            nikhil, 13 Mar 2013i am using this since a week on android ICS 4.0.3 .. this b... moreYou gotta be kidding me?

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              • neyonazxzy
              • fnr
              • 12 Jan 2014

              how can i check my account balance??

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                • AFrat
                • qET
                • 19 Dec 2013

                Ive had this phone since July of 2012 and it is now December of 2013. There has been some annoyances with this phone, i can admit. Between restarting itself every other day and not sliding when i want to all the time. But the fact it!, I have downloaded well over 300 songs and 10 fairly long videos without disruption or any freak out whatsoever from the phone. It's pretty reliable when need be (at least mine is)

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                  • AnonD-215421
                  • xXs
                  • 16 Dec 2013

                  I'm on my fifth one of this phone because we've had to have it replaced every single time. The one I have now has lasted the longest, but is still problematic. It doubles keystrokes while typing and frequently attaches random words to what I've keyed when I hit the space bar after the word is written. The previous ones I had would freeze and shut off at random, sometimes refusing to even turn back on. This one does that occasionally, but I can deal with the occasional glitch. Still, it shouldn't do it at all. I can't use most of the apps available because they use up too much of the memory and the storage capacity isn't nearly adequate for the apps offered. I will be so glad when it's time to replace this. It needs to be put out of my misery!

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                    • missguided
                    • 0c@
                    • 04 Sep 2013

                    After having this phone for over a year I can say that its useless. At first the phone worked great but after a couple months it blocked calls, went to voice command by itself, and turned off every few hours. Now the screen only works half the time. If you were stuck in a ditch with nothing but this phone I'd suggest accepting your inevitable demise, it's that useless.

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                      • JPT3746
                      • kE9
                      • 21 Aug 2013

                      Please do not consider this phone. The physical keyboard on mine went out within three months. I continuously lost a 3G signal until a tech upgraded my service from Android 2.2.2 to 2.3.5. Recently my stock Texting app has begun failing. I'll be texting. The words won't show up on the screen until I rotate my phone' and then if I misspelled anything, I have to use the failing physical keyboard to fix it. To do this I had to count the number of letters that I'd have to delete. I'd then backspace that many times (counting in my head). When I finished, I rotated the phone again to see if the keyboard backspaced the correct number of times. If not, I'd DSO this all over again.

                      Now all my apps are locking up, throwing errors and shutting down.

                      I won't buy another Motorola Smartphone.

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                        • AnonD-174127
                        • 3T{
                        • 10 Aug 2013

                        hello, I from ukrainy. a telephone is good, it is simply needed to set the program which closes appendixes, and deletes unnecessary files

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                          • AnonD-164773
                          • 8xX
                          • 13 Jul 2013

                          that telephone operators work?
                          your phone is sprint?

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                            • Wilson
                            • 4R5
                            • 22 Apr 2013

                            How do I transfer my contacts on the xprt? I am about to get a new phone and do not want to lose all my contacts and pictures?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • jE8
                              • 10 Apr 2013

                              I have this eprt. I wish I didn't. I have replaced three batteries, and three charger cords. It continously sends me to voice command without my even touching it. I have to take the battery out periodically to reset it. I still have 9 months before I qualify for any kind of rebate. The other day I asked the person at the Sprint store if they still sold the eprt. She said "no." What does that tell you?

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                                • AnonD-127839
                                • nDM
                                • 22 Mar 2013

                                nikhil, 13 Mar 2013i am using this since a week on android ICS 4.0.3 .. this b... morehow could you install ICS on MB612? i am searching for a long time how to do it...please, i ask you kindly to show me the forum, download link, instructions...something to help me install it!! thanks and best regards!

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                                  • AnonD-125351
                                  • 8xs
                                  • 16 Mar 2013

                                  I have this phone I'm from Dominican Republic and I gsm works correctly, the trouble is that many applications that use location permissions utilisan and safety and when I go to the menu and try to enter the setting is only takes me around the screen startup and presents a letretro me of "sorry"

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                                    • nikhil
                                    • sUw
                                    • 13 Mar 2013

                                    i am using this since a week on android ICS 4.0.3 .. this baby is running awesumly well on ics !

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                                      • Sunny_Bangladesh
                                      • XM{
                                      • 20 Feb 2013

                                      i m using this phone for last 6 months...its good on charge but the problem was USSD code..i can t check balance(talk time). and another problem is network....suddently i found that there was no network and its back after 2 or sec. i am using gsm service in bangladesh. is there any solution of this two problem?

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                                        • sagar chavan
                                        • X0$
                                        • 19 Jan 2013

                                        Hi! I want to buy this cell phone, last i`as asked all shop in india mumbai location but know buddy knows about it. So plz someone give addres wer i purchase it....pls