Motorola ZN200

Motorola ZN200

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  • sourav

someone please upload this phones firmware. It is my best of best phone ever.

  • jay

the phone dz nt supprt streaming

  • Anonymous

its main problem is tht after 2 to 3 years it stops reading th memory card.....

  • askyuhmoder

where does the memory card go

  • din

AnonD-18498, 29 Oct 2011Can anyone download files larger than 1024KB in this handset?Whe... moreThis is enouh for download this phone is not aplicable for download more than 1024kb

  • Anonymous

Dhiraj Sharma, 12 Feb 2012I have a motorola zn200.see is nice mobils.

  • Anonymous

nothing on this phone works. It says sim card doesnt work, got new sim card. doese not stay on long enough to program, does not call. nor text. Bad phone

  • desi dude

camera clarity is excellent, but this a very slow phone , and its browser is not so good.

  • Dhiraj Sharma

AnonD-18498, 15 Oct 2011When did u buy it?What was the price?I have a motorola zn200.

  • AnonD-18498

Can anyone download files larger than 1024KB in this handset?When I try to do this,it says 'HTTP error-Entity too large'.Pls help me!

  • AnonD-18498

Kutti, 19 Sep 2011Camera clarity is awesome !!! But weight on the top side whi... moreWhen did u buy it?What was the price?

  • Kutti

Camera clarity is awesome !!!

But weight on the top side while msging is first drop back,,, The next is msging with dictionary mode !!

Average volume !! Nice look !!

  • AnonD-18498

I saw here someone said this phone doesn't communicate with Motorola Phone Tools.It's wrong.I connected it today!U just have to change the USB option to USB MODEM,not USB DISK.It will connect automatically.For Windows 7 users,u need Motorola Phone Tools 5.27 or later.5.1 is enough for XP.

Thanks.Check it out.

  • AnonD-18498

I'm using this for 5 months.happy with it.cuz i've got 80% of features i wished to have in a phone. Design is smart too,as well as the camera.overall 8 out of 10!but why do u gyz expect performance of smartphone from it?

  • AnonD-18498

shan, 23 Jul 2010is it really a bad phone????i thought i will buy it,but after re... moreu can buy it.good as a medium users.

  • sameer

this phone is the worst phone i ever had out of all the phones i had because the phone kept sticking and then it shut down and never worked and that phone didn't even last me 2 weeks.i would advise you all not to buy that phone.i rather buy the nokia e 71.or a tht motorola zn 200 speaker a very soft i can harly hear it when someone's call me

  • Balu

I got this phone for my sister and it went bad very soon,
the battery is poor, applictions are bad, display goes offf .. utter waste dont go for it..

  • vettuvila

dnt ever let that a mistake 4 any one, its utter waste phone , ever i seen , its vary slow and stuck , if any part have any damage then u do one just throw to waste that's better idea, if anybody have plz forget that , y should i say am the experienced person

  • Anonymous

dnt evr buy such a stupid cell....... its all waste.... btr buy some other cell... der is a lot of prob wit the battery n keypad sucks . its vry slow to operate

  • Nand kumar

My Phone lock I password Forget Plese help