Motorola ZN200

Motorola ZN200

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  • Anonymous

sharif, 16 Aug 2008Kool phone. I think finally motorola is comming back, ggggrrr... moreyes u r write motorola is coming back ......
u will see in next few months motorola will be number 2 again

  • Indian Voice

Wow, Motorola really rocks.

Gr8 looks, cool features. Sad it doesn't support 3G. But still would be a gr8 buy for those looking for a good deal and who don't use much of data services. Being a Moto, audio quality would be decent.

This better be cheap. Looking ahead for it...

  • nicksti

This phone is available as of this week in black and pink.

  • Anonymous

Nokia Fanboy; where your Nokia faith? Don't use old data.

Motorola already choose to splits. Motorola already getting small profit.

  • Anonymous

Moto should join with Nokia, they are failing so much

  • Gustavo

leong, 15 Aug 2008No 3G at all?Aparently, Linux doesn't support 3G yet. Too bad 'cause it's a great SO for a phone device.

  • Anonymous

Oh man, Look like SE W580? Hahaha... SE Fanboy getting blind. Too many Sony Ericsson Phone copy from Motorola design. But Motorola Fanboy doesn't says to SE Forum "Look like Motorola".

  • zero

looks like a sony ericsson w580i.

  • sharif

Kool phone.
I think finally motorola is comming back,

  • Anonymous

kooooooooooooooool baby koooooooool cellphone purchase!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neel

Linux OS very good.Style copied from SE W910?

  • Neel

L9 with style.Class 12 EDGE,GOOD,A slider moto with FM great

  • leong

No 3G at all?

  • sanjay

g8 looking phone with linux os. Moto rocks !!

  • Anonymous

just love de design and te detail on top is awesome, the phone have bluetooth, message and call light indicators on the top of the mobile, never saw nothing like this!!!

  • Cellregular

This will be a cool phone,i love it desing awsome it

  • G

Motorola sure know how to design a slick, stylish phone. I just wish it was a little higher in the specs department (wifi!!) but it's very cool.

  • kevibeni

Sure looks nice, I'll give you that ;)

  • blah

specs r disappointing...nice look tho