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  • 100 Moto

Arjun, 07 Oct 2008@ 100 Moto. hows the music quality, the equilizer settings and h... moreHere is my ranking on the "music quality" on some of the Moto phones I've owned:


Not that Zn5's music quality is really bad, to me, it's just "ok" that most people probably can live with everyday.

Though for music lovers, E8/EM30 should be the better choice.

  • Arjun

@ 100 Moto. hows the music quality, the equilizer settings and how LOUD is it? can the flash be used as a troch?

  • Anonymous

hello everybody. here you can see some photos that were taken with Motorola ZN5. i was impressed, hope you'll be, too­otorolazn5ibizamotorolazn5/

  • Anonymous

Stuart, 07 Oct 2008Yup, I've spoken to a Motorola guy from their tech dept and he t... moreHave you asked him about the sensor manufacturer too? Kodak supplies only the software and not hardware told Eldar.

  • keenen

well some people really arent that boastful to say that like the others, they are also using these and that...maybe, motorola is just like me, a down to earth company...

still the waiting is so long...cant wait till i got a view on this, and its price for me to choose, em30, e8 and zn5

  • Stuart

100 Moto, 07 Oct 2008I've heard from somewhere that certain almighty brand got into a... moreThanks 100 Moto, so now it makes sense to why Motorola can't openly advertise that they are also using Carl Zeiss lens.

  • 100 Moto

Stuart, 07 Oct 2008Yup, I've spoken to a Motorola guy from their tech dept and he t... moreI've heard from somewhere that certain almighty brand got into an agreement with Carl Zeiss that only it can use the name on its phones, not others.

Hence Moto, with possibly one of the worst marketing dept in the industry, couldn't promote Zn5 actually having a Carl Zeiss len.

Overall I will still use my Canon G9 to take photos. Though I have tried taking a few photos using my "manually (meaning standing fore and back) zoom" and it turned out to be great.

  • Stuart

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2008It has Carl-Zeiss lens not Kodak lens. Biggest problem for Motor... moreYup, I've spoken to a Motorola guy from their tech dept and he told me the ZN5's using Carl Zeiss lens. Sometimes I wonder why they didn't want to advertise this, second thought, could be for marketing purpose. With ZN5's Carl Zeiss lens combined with Kodak's camera, it's good for us, at least better than others with Carl Zeiss lens and their own proprietary camera. Maybe someday another model will be associated with Nikon or Canon, who knows? That is, if they agree - that'll definitely hit their own camera market sales. I know I'll buy a Motorola phone with Nikon or Canon 5MP camera built-in for sure, I believe most people will. (LOL)

  • Anonymous

special_potter, 06 Oct 2008hi guys these is one of the best handset. because it gives u wif... moreIt has Carl-Zeiss lens not Kodak lens. Biggest problem for Motorola is the slow market releases regarding new phones. Always too late. When Motorola says september release it is not before october or november as usual. Same happens to ZN5 in many countries.

  • Commander M@ko

Zn5 is superior phone from motorola, i only wonder does the radio has rds compatibility,
I already pre-ordered one at official motorola store-they said i have to wait till december (that's becauese i live on BALKAN)
my friend has N95 and compared to this motorola nokia sucks, his talking speaker is dead after only one week, camera slider is stucking, display is lowered so dust stays on the edge of the display, and the battery life is 2 days max without wifi usage just calls and mp3 playback - N95 sucks, and nokia in general too
I already had a few of motorola's before and none of them didn't let me down.
Go MOTO, I can't wait till I get one ZN5 4 myself...(linux OS aaaaaaaaaaaaa)
now i'm going to sleep till december
big shout to all ya from
Croatia, Balkan
stay tuned

  • special_potter

hi guys these is one of the best handset. because it gives u wifif in this range. if u will go for n95 it will cost u around 19000. it has kodak lens with lenex flash. 4 gb exp. tv out cable. etc. who needs 3g? is it afordable or not first confirm that ok. with this range it is the best handset

  • Stuart

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970I really like your enthusiasm on ZN5's review and the way you show your frustration to the readers here. That shows you care.

The only thing I don't agree is "mahai"... HA,HA, HA.... (you know what I mean)

  • jjsoviet

Only SE, 05 Oct 2008no 3g????? poor motorola.......Come on! not everyone needs 3G! It drains your battery and up to now, most 3G networks do not give good connections at the best prices.

  • moto#fan

i would really like to kno how good the sound quality really is on this phone, the best quality without mods was the nokia n73 and it was real loud...what is the sound quality for the zn5 compared to the nokia n73???

  • Only SE

no 3g????? poor motorola.......

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Ok then! Upload a photo at imageshack and post the link! That will prove that you own the "thing". No reason why you shouldn't do it provided that you found a working outlet at your village to charge it! Besides, it doesn't have to be a personal photo...just one of any of the rhinos around!

  • Anonymous

Amazing specs. Motorola has nothing to be ashamed about. I want it.

  • 100 Moto

Stuart, 04 Oct 2008Thanks mate for your feedback. I believe you must be enjoying th... moreLet's talk about the voice quality of V9 vs. Zn5, as I called my friend from the shop using both phones. His comment (who is also a long time phone user like me) was V9 provides "slightly better" voice quality over Zn5, most likely due to the flip phone design. In all cases, my voice was clearly heard by the other party.

I do miss 3G on Zn5, though my Zn5 is actually replacing my good old E2.

So here are all the Moto phones I'm currently using.

Zn5 - main 2G line
A1600 - with the unlimited GPRS network and reception in China from HK without roaming
Z8 - secondary phone with reception in China from HK without roaming
Q9h - mostly for web surfing
V9 - secondary 3G phone also for web surfing / online newspaper
V3maxx i-mode - primary 3G phone
E6 - primary line for mainland China...where I go to work often
E2 - secondary line for mainland China

And I still have my good old V6 and V3X as "game" phones...where I stored lots of games. Hence these phones are in semi-retired status.

So I don't miss any 3G phone from Moto!

  • Anonymous

100 Moto, 04 Oct 2008If certainly almighty brand, with 4 times the sales and probably... moreSuch a huge success that Moto, Symbian-based touchscreen!!! The whole planet embraced it right away!

Sorry for being sarcastic!

The 4X brand probably wants to get it right after realizing that touchscreens don't offer quite the touchpad functionality for the average user.

It is OK for Moto to introduce a non-3G model with a decent camera as long as they do not market it as a super high-end, technologically advanced, high-priced model. LG has introduced 5MP, non-3G models at the 250 euro range and they didn't act like they had squared the circle!

  • Stuart

100 Moto, 04 Oct 2008USD360 is slightly cheaper than HK, which costs about USD$10 mor... moreThanks mate for your feedback. I believe you must be enjoying the 2.4" big font, big icons in ZN5. I'm really surprised that you bought this phone knowing you always use 3G video call within family members. So with this, you'll have to compromise on video calls. By the way, how's the sound & voice quality with ZN5? Like me, having tried V8 & E8 and both have Crystal Talk, I've found V8's voice quality better. Did you notice other differences between ZN5 and the previous Motorola phones you owned?

There are some comments here at this site that you don't really have to pay attention to anymore as I've gone thru with that "debate-win-it-at-all-costs" thing. Just don't have to waste your time. Mark the encoded location and if you see it coming again, just let it pass. The man needs serious attention, so don't fall for it.