Mozilla VPN launches in six countries, available on Windows, iOS and Android

Ro, 15 July 2020

After a short period of testing, Mozilla is launching its VPN service in six countries - US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia. The app is available on Android, iOS and Windows with Mac and Linux support coming soon.

Mozilla VPN launches in six countries, available on Windows, iOS and Android

Mozilla VPN (formerly known as Firefox Private Network) is asking $4.99 and claims to offer two hold two main advantages over its competitors. For one, the overall browsing should be considerably faster due to the highly-optimized code, and secondly, Mozilla says it's collecting only absolutely necessary user data in order to keep its service running but it doesn't keep logs nor does it sell your data.

There's also a built-in VPN service for Firefox browsers in the works, and the company will charge you $2.99 a month for unlimited browsing.



Reader comments

  • Rudyi
  • 13 Feb 2021
  • M5N

Vivaldi fast browser!? Sometimes I check how it works, and unfortunately it is the slowest of all major browsers.

  • Anonymous
  • 02 Aug 2020
  • 7kh

Don't know, why people can't get this simple thing... Chinese bought the "Whole" Browser Business of Opera... That includes Opera for Android, Opera Mini, Opera VPN, Opera Beta, Opera for Mac, Windows, iOS, Everywhere it w...

  • somebodyelse
  • 01 Aug 2020
  • 4qf

I agree. I get it that Windows is ubiquitous, but we Linux users are much more in tune with security than our typical Windows counterparts. We would have been a better resource for debugging, as well.

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