Mysterious BlackBerry BBC100-1 spotted on regulator's website

Himanshu, 17 December 2016

A mysterious BlackBerry device has been spotted on Indonesian regulator's website. Listed as BBC100-1 on the Asian country's e-Certification database POSTEL, the device comes from a company called BB MERAH PUTIH, PT.

Given that the DTEK60 is BBA100-1, and the yet-to-be-unveiled 'Mercury' is BBB100-1, it'd be reasonable to assume that the BBC100-1 is a brand new BlackBerry phone. Sadly, there's currently no more information available on the phone, including whether or not it'll be available outside of Indonesia.

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Reader comments

  • gfrrch

John Chen should get serious already and show Wall street what he can actually do, This phone sounds great

  • Willem

Like yo buy!!!!

  • AnonD-70078

Nope. I'm not actually. They have successfully created brand awareness by shifting focus on android which in turn may even help with BB10 that happens to be the best mobile OS available. But never got the backup with developers it needed. Mor...

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