Mystery Huawei device gets certified with the FCC, is it the Y9?

Ivan, 11 September 2018

An as of yet unknown Huawei device has made the rounds at the US FCC with the codename JKM-LX3.

The listing and papers don't reveal much about the phone - it gives us its Wi-Fi and LTE bands and tells of a modest 5V/2A power adapter in the retail box. The only other valuable piece of information is the listed rated battery capacity of 3,900mAh battery.

Given the battery, this could be a US version of the Huawei Y9 (2018) However, because of Huawei's delicate situation regarding the US market, there's no word if and when this unofficial device will be released.

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Reader comments

  • lyndino
  • 12 Sep 2018
  • QHA

Why is Hauwei cranking out so many cheap phones?

  • Anonymous
  • 12 Sep 2018
  • LEi

What's this delicate situation you guys mentioned? Genuine question.

on facebook i asked the huawei usa page when is honor play usa version coming to usa..their response was just watchout soon on our social media so maybe this is it

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