Nearly 10 million foldables shipped last year says Samsung Mobile President

Michail, 21 July 2022

The market for foldable phones is slowly but surely maturing and that’s reflected in the sales volumes. In a new blog post by TM Roh – President of Samsung Mobile shared that the foldable smartphone industry saw almost 10 million shipments in 2021. The figure is up 300% from 2020 and Roh believes this trend will continue in the years to come as “foldable devices are becoming widespread and staking a bigger claim in the overall smartphone market”. IDC previously published a report where it estimates a total of 7.1 million foldable shipments for 2021.

Nearly 10 million foldables shipped last year says Samsung Mobile President

Roh goes on to share that 70% of Galaxy foldable users last year opted for a Z Flip3 which is by far the most popular folding phone from the maker. Z Fold3 on the other hand is the preferred device of choice for users that rely on multitasking and need the big screen experience.

Looking ahead Roh shares that Samsung made “advancements in every detail” in its upcoming foldables which are set to debut on August 10 at the next Galaxy Unpacked event.



Reader comments

So if samsung made is be $500 you wouldnt get it why cuz its on the same price as an iphone. Its like saying, yea im not buying that new toyota that is $50,000 and can run on pure air and fly. If its not as expensive as the black buggatti at $8 milli...

  • Anonymous
  • 22 Jul 2022
  • Kg}

Shipped and sold are 2 different thing. Were they able to sell all the shipped ones? Any numbers on sales? Damaged and returned items? A lot are refurbished at electronic stores, why?

Good Job Sammy! Love how they find a niche and Excel in it. Following Apple like all the other Chinese vendors is sad.

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