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NEC e540/N411i

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  • handalmar

Like Chris (28/12/05), I am having problems installing the Mobile Suite. I have installed the NEC mobile drive and software but when I connect the phone the computer still says PHONE NOT CONNECTED. The NEC suite just says that the phone should be the same language as the suite itself. I have also tried downloading the software from the NEC site in case there is a problem with the disc, but the software site always crashes. I have tried to instal on 2 pcs using XP and Me.
I have contacted O2 and NEC but they have been of no help.
I am getting rather frustrated. Can anyone help me?

  • Nathan Preece

I totally agree with what Ellie said.

One thing is... I do not work for O2 :P. I really want to work for them though. They're awesome.

  • Ellie

Hi, i actually work for o2 and these phones are actually fantastic, u just need to take your time to learn how to use it. and realise bluetooth is for voice only (for pairing with a bluetooth headset) the infrared is just as good and i have sent many a mp3 ringtone to my sisters 411i from my s/e w550i. o2 are sellin them for only 59.99 now and if u trade in and old handset that still works with charger u can get a further 10 off. The imode is something useful for the future as well, just learn all the functions and realise the incredible price of this phone b4 u criticise it. x x

  • danny

on the n411i how do you change your visibility for bluetooth

  • b

i got this phone adn put a mp3 file on to it. it will not play. is there a certain format that the file must be in, as in bitrate?


  • paul anthony

for software try­html

  • CANO

I JUST GET N411i but i dont know wat software u need so u can view the image to the PC. I tried paint but dont work

  • hoda

hey i wanted to know how to transfer data by my bluetooth i can connect with everyone but i can not recieve or send anything please help me as soon as possible and tell me the steps for trnsfering songs, pictures and videos to other phones please.

  • maureen

just got this phone. cant seem to find a 'send' button to send text messages

  • antony

its easy to use once you get to know how. cant use mp3 as ringtones.
canot get my bluetooth to work.
i managed to recieve pictures through infared.
like the look of it
hate the performance eg bluetooth,mp3 because they dont do what i want them to.
100 badly spent

  • julie

bought nec 411i at bargain price,like the camera and video,disappointed at no mp3 ringtones,it will find other phones on bluetooth but no transfer able, find it quite complicated,a friend did manage to infared some pics to me though,out of 10 would give it 5

  • paul anthony

The bluetooth does work..but only for what it was designed for. modem and headset. It doesn't do data transfer, nor does it say so in the manual

  • antony

bluetooth dont work. i cant send or recieve data or connect with others infared dont work.

  • Anna

Help. Is there a simple way to lock my NEC411i without going through the menu each time. I just want it to automatically lock after a few minutes. Am I just being very stupid?

  • Baza

Laurence search their phone using a pin number then copy what you want of their phone.Baza.

  • Paul

Here's a really goofy oversight on the part of NEC on the N411i. When you send a picture in an email (Untitled subject), the receiver can't reply to it !!!!!!

You HAVE to include some text in the message.

My advice to NEC - please don't dabble in mobile phone production cause you're no good at it!!

  • Laurence

and do other people have problems with other people not being able to find you?

  • Laurence

hey baza please help me.

i can search them but where does it say what files do i need to copy plese can you do a step by step guide to bluetooth, many thanks, laurence

  • Laurence

please i need help with the nec n411i,

how do you transfer things on bluetooth and noone can find me what do i do?

please help me

  • Baza

William ist of all you have 2 install the drivers when you have done that click usb drivers again in the nec disc, if it says that the software has been installed right click it and nec mobile suite will come up this is a different way than the other so follow the instructions carefully thats how I got mine working.Baza.