NEC e540/N411i

NEC e540/N411i

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  • Tara

Hey, has anyone had trouble with the battery in this phone? at the moment, my phone just will not charge - i plug the charger in and a little warning msg comes up saying REMOVE CHARGER, BATTERY OVER TEMPERATURE - even when the battery is stone cold, or the phones been off all day! Any ideas ?

  • Ken

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  • emb

hi, i got an nec e540 for my birthday last year and i havn't been able to work the bluetooth i can pair up with people but i do not know how to send/ recieve files with my friends.
If anyone knows how to do this i would be grateful if you could e-mail me


  • HZiM0rT4L

How do I send a game (jar or jad) via IR, or is that imposible? I know how to use IR etc. as i have managed to transfer mp3s, jpgs.

If it is not possible, is there any other way eg.usb apart from via wap

  • Laurence

This phone is not the best, there are much better phones on the market for near enough the same price. Since buying this phone I have had the SE K750i and The SE W810i Walkman Phone.

  • Ken

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  • Ken

To access the infrared on the phone, press
>your menu button, then
>select 8 accessory, then select 9 external connections, then select 2
>This will activate the infrared, but you can only transfer files up to
>1 Meg in size.
>Hope this helps, Ken.


how do i get the infared to work i cant seem to find it in the menu?

  • Omer

well the phone is good enough but i am unable to find the pc software to synchronise with have you got than tell me

  • Anonymous

Have had this phone for 6 months and love it. mp3 can fot 6 songs on but bluetooth will only work with a bluetooth headset. apart from that message and picture memory is great and infared is fab!! usb works fine with a data cable.

  • ben

it says it has mp3 player, but can i get it to work, no! does anyone no?

  • Anonymous

Please can you tell me have to receive picture messages

  • Anonymous

Hello, like they so dont work, i cant get internet access or bluetooth 2 work!!

  • Anonymous

this phone and its menus are excellent. Camera the best, better than samsung d510

  • Anonymous

This is truly the worst phone i have ever used .I now have a picture trapped forever in its memory with no way to retrieve it. Any ideas on how to resolve this problem will be appreciated.

  • KEN

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  • leppystew

this phone is terrible no bluetooth hardly any memory low quality camera and hardly any features, steer clear. changed to w850i which is ace

  • Ken

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  • Ken

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  • jane

wow the phone is cool, i even need one more for my husband incase u want to sell yours