NEC e636

NEC e636

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  • Man

Look up. They cancelled it!.. Finally!

  • Ahmed

Shame on NEC, they better cancel it! Sleek looking phone, but old specs will not do.

  • Bartjan

also had that, read that it was comming soon in 2006. I still like the design, it just great!, but the features are old and not updated, so i guess that is the problem

  • andreas

yes, very nice looking phone. Sometimes it seems to me that persons who are doing they do not have any idea of what looks good and what not;)


How soon is it coming? Imagine since 2006!!! MAY BE IT FLOPPED!!!

  • Anonymous

coming soon from February 2006!

  • tariq

very beutiful mobail

  • advisor

Plain, Thin and Simple; A nice phone indeed.

  • Thomas

I really like this mobile! Looks like one you would see in Japan.

  • Anonymous

butt ugly! xD

  • Lev

i love this phone!!! awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

What is soon?!!!!

  • Anonymous

I think it is kinda ugly though..

  • Anonymous

I believe it is going to reach us, eventually, hopefully before the end of this century....

  • NT

ummm,not really- announced 2006......which was err only last year

  • Anonymous

Is the phone ever coming out, its been "coming soon" for a few years now

  • Harlekkin

Has this phone been cancelled?

Haven't heard any more about it and it certainly hasn't been released anywhere, not even Japan.

  • Anonymous

Here is a pic of the back. The camera lense is in the black section.­E636.jpg

  • Anonymous

It has two cameras. One on the inside and one on the outside on the back.

  • shydee

to mickyfree..i think it has 'another'(as in ur case) camera at the back..check this website out--->