NEC e636

NEC e636

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  • sammy

the best phone eva, so cooooooooooooooooooooool and jst like to add e1 poops on e2

  • Anonymous

heseeb,what are u talking about??? this is not a copy of the v3,this is the future of mobilephones,they will become thinner!!
and so what if motorola made the first thin clamshell,does that mean that nobody should ever make such phones? cause then someone like u might come and say that they are a copy of the v3!!!!
please man grow up!

  • Haseeb

I think its a nice phone......

but i think its clearly a copy of motorola V3

well... whtever u say, its not an original idea........

  • Lars

I hope it will be available very soon in Denmark.
It will be my next aquisition.

  • owen

best design ever from NEC, waiting 4 this phone ..........

  • Yves

Outstanding phone - amazing design and good features. Is so thin - motorola v3x won't be match for this 636 :) Planned to take motorola v3i and now waiting for this :) Just curiuos about final release and price :)

  • Anonymous

cool phone! I wonder if this phone will be available here in the philippines... looking forward to buy one if i find one.

  • below24

What memory card does this phone take?

  • Amir

It is so much sexy and classic,when we can bye it.

  • RedOcean

Good on you NEC. Your design is getting much much better...and support card slot as well.. laikit alot!

  • truongn2

Can't wait till I get my hands on these phone!


  • rink

yes this is good phone

good balance of style and substance

feature packed and futuristic design

i like this phone

  • jollyRoger

For more pix:

  • JollyRoger

Wow, I'm using a NEC L1 now, dropped a couple of times and still works fine, battery is fine....and has gotten use to the flat buttons. So, I'm for NEC's new phones. Most probably, I'm gonna upgrade to this phone, much better features! Well done, NEC.

  • Royale

Nice phone, Slim and Performance is great. Might of planing getting this phone is they have this phone nearby my home

  • Kal

Agree with you 'Skater42'.

All these new thin phones should come with Auto or semi-Auto push botton open mechanism like the Nokia 6131 and a few other phones.

  • Anonymous

i think this is the final release!­_53336.jpg
enjoy all

  • Anonymous

after the E616v this beauty slim-umts is the better phone i have seen.
more words for what .. is NEC !

  • skater42

I like big....

The current trend of super-sexy slim phones is really attractive, but on the other hand I find a lot that bothers me.

I mean, it's thin, but is it easy to open? I've got quite large hands and usually the thinner, the easier it slips out of my hand.

I defend the view that good cameras need good lenses, and this can't be guaranteed with phones that are 13mm in overall height.
But I guess the camera isn't the main selling point here.

I AM really impressed that it is UMTS and so slim, that's simply beautiful!

7/10 from me!


  • yuki

heads down! this is a fabulous fone!!!