NEC N600i

NEC N600i

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  • Anonymous

Hi there I had been using this phone from 2007 till first when I bought it I thought it was the best phone ever for it's price.when a friend of mine wanted to send me a ringtone I couldnt receive it. At. First i thought that the Bluetooth was broken but when I read in reviews it doesn't work at all only for sending contacts. And the battery life sucks. After knowing that I bought an HTC which I think is the best phone ever and also the battery life is way much better even if WLAN is on. In general nec products sucks

  • Anonymous

this phone is difficult to use.. it's not friendly user

  • budi anduk

NEC N600i is not good mobile phone
in indonesia called JADUL
not familiar in here
cause it's ugly N bad

  • Anonymous

my goodness.. this phone sucks.. no battery life.. its in my drawer for almost 1 year.. waht a phone ..

  • Anonymous

dont buy. camera and bluetooth are nt good at all!!

  • Muhammad Azeem

How can I create WAP & GPRS connection/account? Plz anybody help me!

  • Anonymous

i got a NEC 600i and the bluetooth doesnt work it says the conection could not be honored or something like that could someone help me?

  • Pad

Bad, bad, bad, slow menu, memory support sucks 1g won't work, battery life sucks, can't even find a replacement, mic is intermittent which means people can't hear me half the time, I had a NEC616 before which was bulky (hence the need to get the 600i) but never failed, plastic feel to it....... Dont get it

  • ram

how can i activate bluethooth and imode pls reply awating for ur reply

  • George

I have been using this phone for 1 year, there is no problem on this phone.
When I rang NEC for technical query, they were so supportive and helpful for me.


Unless NEC does something quick to take care of the many serious problems, its brand name is going to suffer greatly. The unit stinks.

  • ajnabi

i want a n600i pc software.

  • Zafer

Please answer to do this.

I have purchased this phone and when I try put mp3s on it it says "Please Activate External Connection"

How do I do that???

  • Kit

Absolutely horrible phone. I had just arrived back from living in Japan, using the Docomo phone with i-Mode. When I saw that I could get the i-Mode here too, I jumped at the chance. Huge mistake! It's currently in for repairs for the third time in less than 12 months. The same problems as everyone else - the battery died at the drop of a hat (that problem has finally been fixed but I only had to wait, oh, nearly three months to get it back!); now the fact that people can't hear me when I'm speaking to them (unless I have the headphones in with the mic attached). Worst phone I've ever owned. I only wish I'd seen this site earlier so I knew who to direct my complaints to. The boys and girls at my local Telstra shop wouldn't know their a**hole from their elbow.

  • Anonymous

Oh my god!!!!! Can this phone even support 1gig memory card????? It sux!!!!!

  • Anonymous

The phone is totally absurd!!! You cant use mp3 as ringtone,the camera is lousy, the bluetooth is like non-existence, the time needed for messages to load is even more time-absorbing......................

  • Anonymous

It is a P.O.S seriously trust me,don't buy it because of most of the reasons stated above and the video is slow if it actualy works.................. PS.don't buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!concerned citizen of brisbane queensland

  • Zafer

Hey, I just bought the this phone I tried to put a song on the phone and an error comes up saying "Please Activate External Connection". Could anyone please help me by knowing how to Activate it. Thx.

  • Anonymous

i'm so fed cause i my frens can't even bluetooth me! a 3g phone which can't even receive b.t?

  • joanne

I purchased 5 of these phones for family.
Out of those 5 four have been in the repair shop.Calls drop out, people cant hear me on the other end, battery goes flat quick. I hate this phone,and wouldnt recommend it.
On the good side staff at Telstra told me if the phone needs to be reaired for a third time i will get a new one and I will asking for a new model. My advice complain and tack it back.