NEC N900iG

NEC N900iG

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  • Anonymous

This unit is specific to the Japanese market only. Don't even think of purchasing it unless you are going to stay in Japan and use it there becuase you won't be able to unlock it (period).

  • veejey

Any information on the world wide release of this handset? A number of companies are preordering it...

With regards to the barcode reader: Yeah, I think you can use it to check the price of a tin of Dinty Moore, but it can read 3D barcodes that can encode a map, directions, or a business contact. They are starting to appear on a lot of business cards and advertisemetns in Japan so that people can just take a snapshot and then walk away with the info already loaded into their handset.

  • Joe

If someone knows how to desimlock this handset (coming from Japan), that would be great ! (email me tx)

  • NeoPeteN

Hey, Zi I'd like to know something more about this bar-code and about 3G network, could you write me to my e-mail please it will be great to meet with Japan boy, because I like your country very much.

  • Zi

bar-code phone i mean....

  • finder

i found a n900ig i was wondering how much is worth

  • zi

well in japan bar-code is alreally in use and it is super handly. you can book flight, hotel, and so many super more .....:D

  • Kenny

TO Mik, Perhaps you can use the the phone
checking the barcode to know the price when
sometimes you cant find the tag barcode of
vegatable in a supermarket hehe just playing
joke so dont mind me ;)

  • Anonymous

crap these nec phones , well the good 1ns like this 1 neva come out in the uk

  • Janny

Finally, a credible release from NEC. Still, this phone comes a little too late. Many phones out there have similar features.

  • tejinder

i m having a NEC N900ig but it is noit working in india,can u please let me know which service i can use for this mobile phone.

  • mik

barcode reader?
what for? to check prices?

  • samuel akinnubi

Well to my own experience about NEC phones it a well designed phone and well okay,i believe not because NEC was my first phone am saying this but it beacuase it a nice phone to be used and ascepted World Wide.that all i think for now but i will surely get in touch later if i have something ealse to say.Samuel from Nigeria.

  • Amirul

Wow..beautiful..I just can''t wait the phone to sells in Malaysia..Hopefully is not expensive

  • toto

umts / gsm !!!

  • Anonymous

nice looking phone!