NEC N920

NEC N920

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  • Kalelo

I prefer using NEC N920 becouse is one of the best of mobil phone and PDA accessories in the world. there PDA batteries are manufactured to the highest are like others accessaries.
My gratitude to the company for work well done.

  • haha

finally, i can bring this portable tv to anywhere i go.. from the toilet to kitchen, and elsewhere..oh god Nec is running out of ideas...
can someone pls explain to them wat is a phone.. maybe they shud contact nokia or sony ericsson..

  • precious

nice and i want to buy

  • charles

i like NEC cos of its durability but its portability is zero i used to have e313 but i disposed bcos of insults of whether i am carring a remote control

  • Dragos

WoW , 2 MB full memory ?? I wish i have this phone .... :)) =)) if it would support mp3 , it would have memory for 1 full melody !! Great phone =)) :))

oh well .. i`ve got to stay to my 6280 =))

  • lorsban

NEC's great but before you buy check out samsung p300. 8.9mm thick way more memory and features.

  • haha

Is this a television ?? hahahaha ... :P

  • fone dude

to llch:
this phone will not work in the U.S.

this cell uses GSM900/GSM1800 - but you need GSM850/GSM1900 freqs in the U.S.

too bad.. but there are other small phones being made now.

  • emmanuel sey

i like the nec phone.thank you.

  • VTR

This phone looks like George Forman Grill!! I think you can by it from Tupper ware partys.

  • Kat

I live in Australia, does anyone know where I can get this phone?

  • llch

Does anyone know if this phone can be used in the united states? Thanks.

  • Nuno Fernandes

This phone belongs to Newgen and is being sell in Portugal ... free market +/- 250

  • Singtel roX

Singapore Doesn't sell NEc phones...No Local sets in singapore...maybe there will be some export sets in lucky plaza....the building is at Orchard road so maybe u can try your luck there?

  • Sai

I presently live in india and I would like to possess this phone... Where can i get this and what is the cost. I need two numbers.... I will be going to Singapore next week - whether this phone is available there if so what is the cost sing $s.

  • brittany

i live in new jersey. where do i get this phone! =)and how much is it? where can i buy it from?

  • alabama

i would love to have the same phone.
but how can i get it in bulgaria?

  • Wolf

I bought it in russia for 220 Euro (modelname Fly Z300). it has ca. 4 MB Memmory. Nice little fone!

  • Renzo

hi..i just wonder if i wanna get a phone from here what i have to do for get it. i live in norway..thanks....

  • rammy

i wish to buy one