NEC N920

NEC N920

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  • mario

As an "extra" gadget,specially for women it's not bad.Does anyone knows how many MB of internal memory it has?

  • Gain

It's just wonderful,very beatiful and portable

  • gain

It's just wonderful

  • Anonymous

to unknown on 2004-08-26 15:03:25

You mean chea must learn from NEC


good phone but i want it in to india.

Awaiting for your reply,

hemang shah

  • stephane

i would like to buy the NEC N920.
how much does it cost ?
and how can i do to have it ?

  • Anonymous

Thats not a phone its a fat little hobbit!

  • Kerella

What... is... THAT... ??... !! It looks like a purse and it doesnt even have any good features. Its an immidiate MISS!!

  • jonas

i thought it was an integrated pressed powder case... for the new generation???????

  • Anonymous

yeah very similar to n910. i regret buying an nec phone. they are shite i'm either going for an o2 x3 or any new motorola phone coming out probably the mpx220.

  • JPhones

910+video+rounded edges=920 :=) :=)....What's going on???took Nec 6 months to bring out the same phone..??high on price but low on specs..!!what a shame..!!

  • Anonymous

Men, Nec should learn from Chea!

  • Kiwi

this one looks very funny i mean personally it might be working for girls anyway...of course it is...