NEC Terrain

NEC Terrain

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  • CgArden

Is this phone worth owning? I Am buying it! SO many questions!

  • destiny Akon

i am happy that NEC Terrain product from NEC Company is more advance in town for publication and to create awareness . Pls distribute it to NIGERIA with different advert on facebook, Dstv stations, Gotv and other internet communities. We need this kind of phone machine in Nigeria to improve our communication standard.

  • sean

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2013There were a couple of sellers on ebay last week selling th... moreAny luck unlocking it also in Canada n I was thinking bout ordering one as well

  • milamamia

can it be sim unlocked?

  • Anonymous

If this mobile work in indian network.

  • india

hope this comes to INDIA TOO....

  • AnonD-165905

I hope this phone comes to Indonesia. It's rare Android with QWERTY candy bar and the highest version with ICS/JB currently is only Samsung Galaxy Chat B5530.

  • Anonymous

There were a couple of sellers on ebay last week selling the Terrain. They had plenty of stock (8 available) but were all sold by the end of the listing. I bought it from one of them and it's being shipped up to Canada now. I'm definitely taking a bit of risk here because so far there is no site that says they can sim unlock it, so I'll have to wait and see.

  • AnonD-53679

Guys this phone is for AT&T, so it is for the US only. I wish this was available globally, because if it was I was going to throw my wallet for it. :D

  • AnonD-160617

Gsm version 8mp camera and bigger battery please

  • boby

We're should I get this phone..... is this available in UAE....

  • jaycee

i hope that it will be available globally

  • Anonymous

OMG! this is my dream phone. rugged android+QWERTY keypad. can someone tell me how to get this phone? I'm from malaysia

  • Anonymous

I want a salt proof phone n_n

  • piyal

Ruggedness should be a mandatory feature in all future phones. This phone looks like it means business. I personally like the salt proof feature it will protect my phone in beaches.

  • khurram

Welcome back nec in mobie technology but remember it's 2013 give some impressive product