Netflix launches, a simple speed test website

19 May, 2016

Netflix wants you to keep tabs on how fast your internet connection is. Thatís why it trademarked and launched a data speed test site that launches instantly as soon as you enter the website This is likely to help customers who are having trouble with their internet connections to identify the issues fast.

While we still have, there are still many people who cannot understand what the speed test is actually measuring or how to even start a speed test using Speed Testís interface. Netflix has so much internet traffic already but believes itís still up to the task of launching such a speed test site.

There is no ping, latency, jitter, or upload test result. Only download speeds are tested with Netflix says the only number consumers are generally concerned with is the download speed and ďit is not a network engineerís analysis and diagnostic suite. We want our members to have a simple, quick, commercial-free way to estimate the speed their ISP is providing.Ē

The result appears in a simple to read, and large number. There is even a link to the legendary so you can compare your test results. Even when checking slower connections, is good at making speed tests quick. | Via