Netflix now offers mobile-only plan in India

Ro, 24 July 2019

After a few months of testing it out, Netflix is finally ready to launch its exclusive mobile-only plan in India. Since India has the highest number of users watching on mobile devices and downloading content, it only makes sense for the streaming service to launch a tailored plan in the country.

Netflix now offers mobile-only plan in India

The mobile-only subscription will set you back only INR 199 per month which is a little less than $3 as long as you are a resident in India, of course. The plan lets you download and stream in SD (480p) resolution, but you won't be able to cast it on your TV, for example.

The plan is now available and you can subscribe using the Netflix mobile app.


Reader comments

  • LearnThis

Any company looks for long term sustainability. India is a market with 1.25 Billion people. Something which no other country can match. So yes, tailoring plans for this market makes sense. These companies do not care for poor people. The low cost pla...

  • AnonD-794992

The way companies treat india is getting so annoying. Like only indians have financial instability. What about the peopole in africa, or the countries from the Balkan? I've lived in North Macedonia for 20 years and i know what thay can afford...

  • Anonymous

Because Netflix has better content and better self-developed TV series, I think the price is justified. They should have gone for 720p quality though with manual adjustment to 480p. My very cheap prepaid plan gives me 2GB data a day, so data sho...

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