Netflix surpasses 1 billion downloads on Google Play

Yordan, 29 July 2020

Netflix has reached an impressive milestone - it now has over 1 billion downloads of its Android app on Google Play. This number includes the cases when the application comes pre-installed but that doesn’t take away of the mind-blowingly high number of installs.

Netflix surpasses 1 billion downloads on Google Play

Quick comparison with other streaming platforms reveals Amazon Prime is in the 100-500 million tier, Hulu is between 50 and 100 million downloads, and HBO GO is a mere shadow with its 5+ million installs.

Another rising star that might challenge Netflix is Disney+ which is in the 10 million tier, but it is available at a handful of markets and relatively new - it will celebrate its first birthday in November.

Netflix appeared in the newsreel during the past few months as one of the first platforms that lowered its streaming quality to ease network strain during the COVID-19 lockdowns. The bandwidth restrictions were lifted two months later, but other companies are still defaulting at SD quality.

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  • JG01

Not so fast !! While there might be figures showing downloads, this also include updates to apps. Netflix is being installed as bloatware on a lot of with Samsung's' latest update(I did not want the Netflix app, now cant uninsta...

  • Anonymous

Note 10s and s20s has this app pre instated I think even Facebook doing the same more bloatware added to android smh.

Netflix surely has good quality shows, but it ignores price sensitive markets like India, where Netflix is way overpriced than Prime and support for limited users. Though Prime and Netflix cater different audiences, i like the fact of Prime that it ...

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