New Sony Xperia 1 promo videos highlight camera performance

Michail, 30 May 2019

The Sony Xperia 1 went on sale yesterday with its 21:9 OLED display with 4K resolution and triple camera setup. Sony is betting big on the camera performance of its latest flagship and released several promotional videos aimed at exploring all the advanced options found in the Xperia 1’s camera department.

Cinema Pro is a set of features which aim to help videos look more natural with cinematic tones. The color presets will work in conjunction with the default cinematic 24 frame-rate and varying shutter speeds for preserved highlights and shadows resulting in a better end result. Cinematography enthusiasts will also get the option to choose which of the three cameras to shoot with.

Another highlighted video feature is the Optical Steady Shot feature which uses a hybrid OIS/EIS system for shake-free videos. Most manufacturers already offer similar stabilization features but Sony claims its take comes closest to a cinema-grade camera.

If you want to know more about the Xperia 1 and its camera performance check out our hands-on review and expect the full review soon.


Reader comments

Xperia always has the better videography and the audio recording in the video it is even better than any competitor. We can see Sony work even better except for marketing and advertising. You may not have one because you only can hate it or envy.

Can you see my Youtube's comment on this review? Be sure you watching the comparison for 1:52 Xperia One 1:59 Huawei P30 Pro 2:04 Samsung S10+

  • Nymo
  • 05 Jun 2019
  • n41

Still worse than huawei and galaxy

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