New video reveals major features and design of Harmony OS

Yordan, 04 May 2021

Huawei is expected to start pushing Harmony OS to its devices as early as next month. While the in-house system is still in beta, a four-minute video appeared on Weibo, revealing all major improvements the Chinese company has introduced.

The most drastic change is a new control center, dragged from the top right corner. The top left corner brings a search engine within the phone, while a basic down gesture anywhere on the screen reveals notifications.

The phone used in this video is Huawei Mate 40 Pro. The apps are opened a lot quicker than we have seen on any Android-powered device. However, the person behind the video reminded viewers this works only for internal apps right now, it might not be ultra-fast for third-party browsers, games, etc.

Visually, the Harmony OS 2.0 is pretty close to what we have seen in any EMUI 11 smartphone. Huawei has already developed a good-looking intuitive design and it is logical to stick with it. What we still don’t know, but hope to learn soon, is whether the new OS is based on the Android kernel or is it an entirely different platform, built from scratch.

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  • Legion

That's good we need something different and that is not subjective to the so-called order of a prying creepy political cult and their hordes of spies.

  • Che

Google services forward all your details and privacy to the US govt. Period. That's what rotten about Google services. The better alternative would be harmony os. The Chinese will never give our private details to the US.

It is based on AOSP, a modified AOSP catered towards Chinese people

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