New video reveals major features and design of Harmony OS

04 May 2021
The new platform is smoother than any OS seen on a Huawei smartphone.

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  • Legion

That's good we need something different and that is not subjective to the so-called order of a prying creepy political cult and their hordes of spies.

  • Che

Anonymous, 04 May 2021It's about what it looks like at all people, it's... moreGoogle services forward all your details and privacy to the US govt. Period. That's what rotten about Google services. The better alternative would be harmony os. The Chinese will never give our private details to the US.

Anonymous, 05 May 2021I have just looked at the code. It's clearly not andr... moreIt is based on AOSP, a modified AOSP catered towards Chinese people

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 May 2021Fed up with the comments claiming hos is Android or Linux. ... moreI have just looked at the code.
It's clearly not android/aosp.

  • Anonymous

This is essentially a badly made iOS 13 skin on android.
So many iOS "influences". The shape of the icons. The icons themselves. The widget design and location. The fact that the first screen is all the widgets like ios. The rest is basically plagiarised from android. Shameful really.

  • Anonymous

English white canadi, 05 May 2021I can't understand a fuckin thing he's saying!? O... moreOf course you won't understand it's in Chinese. And Hongmeng OS is not marketed towrds you English-speaking countries because yor bias towards everything about Chinese. It is better for them to have it in mandarin since you won't and be able to buy it

  • Anonymous

Sergio, 04 May 2021Huawei is a pioneering company. They will not be defeated f... moreYou are right

  • English white canadi

Ooooh great descriptional video!!! (Sarcasm). Flick flick flick corner flick corner flick. All I saw was fast video and os reaction.

  • English white canadi

I can't understand a fuckin thing he's saying!? Oooooh flip flick flick 🙄

  • King

No, 04 May 2021I dont understand why the gestures animation is so ugly. Sa... moreThat's on you.

  • Anonymous

Fed up with the comments claiming hos is Android or Linux. The os code has been open sourced for a long time. Can you do a simple search and open the link to see the code? It's neither Android or Linux. It's completely a new design. It contains components that Huawei has contributed to various open source projects over the years. For instance, the compiler. The os kernel code is a entity different new base than Linux, let alone Android.

Your comments explains why the US government can succeed with containing a company without any evidence -- you guys don't need any evidence to believe or claim a "fact" that suits your needs.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2021why they claiming its a in house made os, or a brand new os... moreI don't understand why you claim this without even looking into the code

is that HomePod on the control center?

  • Skeptic

44alexsmith, 05 May 2021Looks like Android with an Android skin to me.Unless harmony runs Google mobile services it'll be little more than a curious side note outside of China. It needs multi vendor support if it is to get anything approximating a solid base of apps

Looks like Android with an Android skin to me.

Anonymous, 04 May 2021Please improve Huawei AI Voice Assistant on Mate 40 pro.. M... moreJust switch to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or Oneplus 9 Pro :-)

  • Ooga booga

Huawei it looks just like Android. I wanna see something new.

  • Anonymous

No, 04 May 2021I do not agree. Ios is stable. No frame drops and amazing u... moreIf you receive new update on P30 so after that you will not run Google play store...
Don't complain even kids know in 2018 nearly Huawei beat apple company so USA misuse his power .

Magnaroader, 04 May 2021For all of you complaining about how messy or "iOS&quo... moreYes, ofc. That doesn't change the fact that it looks like a horrible cluster bloatfest.

Anonymous, 04 May 2021One ui looks like stock after looking at this clutter crap festU can't compare this with oneui, compare this with miui. And it's a draw lol