New Xiaomi device coming next week

Xiaomi is all set to announce a new product next week. The information comes courtesy of the Chinese company's own virtual assistant Xiao AI, which revealed July 3 as the date of the announcement.

Sadly, the assistant doesn't say anything about the star of the event. However, given the fact that Xiaomi just announced a new phone and a tablet today, chances of a completely new handset coming out on July 3 are very slim.

Reports point towards new variants of existing devices. Specifically, the company may announce the Mi 6X Hatsune Edition (just like it did for the Redmi Note 4X last year) alongside a new Red color model for the Redmi Note 5.

Of course, nothing is officially confirmed yet, so who knows, we might see the Mi Max 3 instead, as July launch for the device has already been confirmed by the company. Whatever the case, the wait isn't long.


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Another day,another xiaomi

You should change the news title to "New Xiaomi device coming every week".

  • Anonymous

lol its does but u cant use 2 sims slot