New Xiaomi Play smartphone is arriving on December 24

Yordan, 11 December 2018

Just one week after a teaser by Xiaomi co-founder that the company is preparing a 48 MP camera phone, another interesting bit of info comes from Chinese maker - it is developing a new Xiaomi Play phone and will announce it on December 24.

The information comes from a Chinese Weibo user who said Xiaomi is planning a new event between December 17 and December 26, with the most probable date being Christmas Eve. Although he does not reveal anything else about this so-called Xiaomi Play, we are betting it will be targeted to a younger audience and anyone else who is into smartphone gaming.

The new device will likely be a direct answer to the Honor Play phone in its similar price category since Xiaomi already has a dedicated gaming phone series called Black Shark Helo. Some Chinese sources suggest it could be a rebranded Pocophone F1, given its low price and high-end chipset that is already selling in over 700,000 units across the globe.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Yeah, with its ad-laden MIUI. Not forgetting that the Pocophone actually cost a bit more than the Honor Play and Xiaomi continues to earn from you via the data collected from your usage

  • Anonymous

There is already plenty of compact phone...

  • lel

thats just a mi 8 with stock android. literally. Mi 8 has QC4, Super AMOLED from samsung, OIS camera, telephoto, and it was out like since the dinosaurs.. idk if it has the bands for your country though