Samsung Galaxy Note 4 reaches 4.5 million sales in a month

24 October, 2014
That's slightly lower than the 5 million the Galaxy Note 3 achieved, but the Galaxy Note 4 roll-out was slower.

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  • AnonD-184689

Wow thats very good, but iPhone 6 did this number in just less than one day.

  • AnonD-273670

when the note 4 Exynos version well be Available ?

  • wayne launer

And we are still waiting here in Australia. Come one Samsung. my whole family is still waiting for the upgrade. *roll eyes*

  • Anonymous

nice to hear but its still sad the phone didnt get an IP rating like s5, its weird for a bigger expensive phone to not have that. i would be afraid buy a phone today for that price and it cant take any water or is dustproof.. no thx :/(

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2014A tank of a phone. overruns everthing what is on the market at t... moreThe iBend sold more though ;)

  • Anonymous


  • Thoru_dk

AnonD-1825, 24 Oct 2014Wonder what samsung currently thinking, their results are down b... moreIt isn´t selling because it isn´t available to anyone that wants to buy. I´m Brazilian and I´m still waiting this beast to become available in my market.
Sammy wanted to hold the release date until it could make a wider release but the iPhone 6 Plus forced the Korean´s hand.

  • Anonymous

A tank of a phone. overruns everthing what is on the market at the moment. best camera, best performance, best everything..
I would love to see how it destroy the ibend 6 plus in a comparision.

  • Anonymous

4.5M ? That's it?

Okay... Lame!

  • ed

what takes them too slow in the distribution of units?

  • Gibby

BEAST of a phone.
Most productive phone on the market.
Only handled a none working version in a store yesterday. The faux leather feels more soft & leathery than the N3 and the metal frame gives it a very premium feel.
The old 'plastic fantastic' samsung Galaxy sensation is gone on this one...

  • AnonD-1825

Wonder what samsung currently thinking, their results are down big time, galaxy s5 has been flop, this new killer phone isnt selling like they wanted. Currently they doesnt have anything competitive in the market before galaxy s6 comes.

  • AnonD-257092

AnonD-319406, 24 Oct 2014Anyway news about camera quality? Please advise?

i think it have INCREDIBLE performance

  • AnonD-319406

Anyway news about camera quality? Please advise?

  • AnonD-319406

I wish they kept it with 1080 p. But I am going to get one.