Sony Ericsson summarizes Q2 financially, loses more ground

16 July, 2009
It seems that last night was a restless one for a lot of accountants - Sony Ericsson put out their Q2 financial report. The tough year just keeps getting tougher for them it seems, the number of units...

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  • setsuka

Sad..that's the first thing i felt when i read all the comments posted for this news,i was a fan of SE,actually i still have one more SE,due to good old memories sake i will not sell this phone..NO i won't sell it,cause i've found out that the particular SE W890 is actually one fine MP3 player,within a flight mode the phone never had sudden restart,better battery live,and most notable is : which MP3 olayer in the market have 3Mp camera;though it's not truly reliable it's still a good MP3 player,too bad as for the daily phone..i already use Omnia HD..Sorry SE,but hey i'm still loyal to you anyway,considering you as a nice MP3 player,but not for a dependable all situation mobile phone..not SE,you're not on that level anymore--PS : back when i still used w890 as a phone,it hang and restart countless time from the first day i used it.

  • comment ex SE employ

Hope SE gets with real changes to turn the business around..... need new management. People who care about the company and not about their jobs and money only. Wake up! SE been there done that but don't want to change. Get rid of people who only work for a paycheck.
I want to see SE succeed

  • Anonymous

yes it was expected coz others are racing fast and SE people are not innovating . one thing more SE are always expensive for the product , work on the battery life too . best of luck .

  • Anonymous

Yup yup that's right! I hate those BLIND SE fanboy, They've always been very fanatic and blind fanboy, always bashing other brand and says their SE is the best but the truth is not!!! Both SE and their fanboy are total cr@p! And their Satio won't sell well in the market coz Pixon 12 already better than that rubb!sh 12 Mpix without wide angle lens and variable apperture + low-end xenon flash like their old K800. And with their last hope won't work well, they will soon expire. LOVE IT!!! Now ppl won't buy any SE coz they think it's so craaapy, but, doubtless, they are making true decision.

  • Anonymous

Wake up Sony Ericsson _ make REAL innovation! we dont want no more Sub branding... Thats why i will move to iphone - they dont need no marketing sub branding and stuff.... Focus on what customer want - not what sounds cool to have.

Ive been a SE user for 4 years. I even got my whole family and sum mates to get SE too. I was gonna take the iphone a year ago but then, as a SE lover, I gave C905 a chance but I didnt quite get the effort put in their handsets. especially their software and services... so i sold my last SE and switched to iphone...... easy!

  • Anonymous

Blueray, 21 Jul 2009SE of the worst brand in this battery life...... morelol damn right!!!!.... i think we need to put this article up directly in the se menu so that all those arrogent stupid se fans know wat they're so arrogant about--complete GARBAGE. who dare say x1 is better than n97 or omnia hd. WHO DARE!!!... n97 is the top selling phone on vodafone right now, follwed by the 5800. Where's the X1? where's the idou... the idou is gonna sell worse than the x1 did. Shameful. Poor SE, not the end of the dark tunnel in sight!
nokia and samsung, keep pushing it... you guys are number one..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]they need to be swimming up stream like mackrel or they are going to sink lets all hope they crash and burn lmao!

  • Ashok

Hi this is Ashok. am working in the mobile retail field for past 3yrs. SE is brand which is doing well in market. They give a very good picture clarity and sound. both the picture and sound clarity is being awesome. just i love SE. always SE ROCKS.

My humble request,
if SE launches some business models just they can ROCK like anything.
SE(jai ho)

  • Blueray

SE of the worst brand in this battery built quality...worst service centers....

NOKIA & SAMSUNG ROCKS....................................

  • Anonymous

gka3000, 21 Jul 2009just incase if u dont know - i sold my s.e. k850i to a someone f... moreJust incase if u dont know - i sold my Nokia N81 8GB to a someone few months ago it was brand new with warrenty . and brought my self a SE K850i . i did that cuz i got a lot bored with the Nokia interface and the functions plus with the keypad its too difficult to use and today i got a call from him saying that the multimedia functions aint working lol . too bad i have nothing to do with it cuz Nokia sucks i hope i can help him but really i feel sad about him but im glad i sold out that crap nokia.


Wow, This is not the best news for SE, or an SE fan like myself. Certainly SE's drop in market share is not good and a recovery from this will be difficult. In my opinion for SE to recover, SE need to have clear goals and targets for both the short term and long term future and focus on ensuring that they deliver on these targets. Having been reading through some of SE's press releases and keeping up to date with their upcoming development and future plans I am confident that SE can get themselves out of their difficult financial situation.

The mobile phone market has changed in the past few years, thanks in large to the Apple iPhone. This trend has seen other phone manufacturers invest heavily into producing competing products, SE being one of them. This investment can take a big hit on the company's financial portfolio (which might be what we are seeing with SE at the moment). However investing heavily and taking a hit financially now is how a company can invest in its long term future. You have to spend money to make money.

Based on the SE news releases that I have read over the recent months, SE understand the market and the recent trends and have reacted by investing on products that it believes it can compete with in the future, and to get to that it might just mean it has to take a bit of a hit for a while, which is what we might be seeing now.

This blog has has a lof of responses from the Nokia fans, most appear to be quite joyous at SE's seeming demise. My response to the Nokia fans is to not be too complacent. Nokia has invested heavily into Symbian, and putting a lot of their resources and effort behind making the Symbian OS competitive. From what I can tell they still have quite a bit of work ahead of them before they release a strongly competitive products to the market. Certainly in the part of the world where I come from the Nokia N97 is very expensive and has not received glowing reviews.

The longer time and more money Nokia spend on makng a competing product, the more ground they will lose to the competition. Nokia too, could go the way that SE is at the moment. You just never know.

For now, I am glad that SE are developing phones that will work on Google's Android platform. This will give SE a strong hardware and software platform in the smartphone market segment. With a timely release to market and a good exposure SE could start to take a bit of the smartphone market. It's still a new market and there is still a lot of opportunity to take advantage of it, and from the way I look at it, SE are taking the positive steps of ensuring that they are a part of that. Along with SE's up comming range of great dumb phones, I feel that SE could come back strongly.

  • gka3000

pux, 20 Jul 2009Yada yada yada.... SE rocksjust incase if u dont know - i sold my s.e. k850i to a someone few months ago it was brand new with warrenty . and brought my self a nokia n81 8gb . i did that cuz i got a lot bored with the s.e. interface and the functions plus with the keypad its too difficult to use and today i got a call from him saying that the multimedia functions aint working lol . too bad i have nothing to do with it cuz s.e. sucks i hope i can help him but really i feel sad about him but im glad i sold out that crap s.e.

  • gka3000

Dragonlord, 20 Jul 2009You are going Nokia loll At least Sony Ericsson phones don't br... moreohh we dont need ur warning lil one ... cuz we know whatever u say nokia is there cooking something really tasty together with intel these days , and what s.e. does is sitting there looking around like nothing happend maybe they are feeling ashamed of there selfs ... nokia always brought us the best mobiles and we all know that ... just becuz u own a sony ericsson u are just jelous u dont own a nokia , not even a n series so go to ur momma and cry saying u want a nokia ...

  • Milk

Umm, seems se will leave the competition of the big three...Sony brands can't help se to match samsung product,i like se interface and battery,but when it comes to performance,durability samsung wins,,se has serious quality problem,,and people knew it...I have the w980 but just 3 weeks old! I won't buy se product n prefer to use my old samsung x700+nokia7610,se? No thanx

  • Dragonlord

Telstra, 20 Jul 2009since the W800 everything after that just went downhill... ba... moreYou are going Nokia loll
At least Sony Ericsson phones don't break all the time haha.
Nokia's quality went downhill ever since they brought out the first N serie phone.
The reason Nokia are still selling phones is because people aren't seeying the developments only the history of a company.
They are behind on every brand atm and still people buy Nokia ROFL!
But then again everyone has their paticular brand they fancy.
I've tried all brands and as far as quality and userfriendly goes --> Sony Ericsson ALL THE WAY!

I worked as a phonesales man and I can tell everyone that Nokia has the highest repairrate of any brand, especially the N73 was a common sight hahaha. There was like a critical software update EACH month haha.

But have fun with Nokia but don't blame us when we warned you ^_^

  • pux

Yada yada yada.... SE rocks

  • Manchi™

Oh man what should i say?actually they tried to do something different n they started but every time they failed n i think they're out of mind or out of new suggesions...otherwise they'll do something new...even the idou will be an expensive phone to se sucks....

  • Mobilemaster

LoL, 20 Jul 2009SE innovative?? tell us what innovative from SE?? Walkman & Cybe... morePLZ shut up, if you don't like Se leave the forum, is easy!!!

  • ix

Yes, the brands are from Sony which is a mother to Sony ERicsson. Your arguments are lame. LG, Samsung global units helps their mobile division just the same way.
Of course SE is innovative, they brought music and imagery to the mobile market, then all the others followed suite. If you disagree I guess its because you weren't born then...
Sony Ericsson rocks adn will ontinues to do that eventhough they are temporarily down. W995 will bring money to the company, as the three coming phones.

  • Telstra

since the W800 everything after that just went downhill...

bad luck..

im going nokia