Xiaomi Redmi Note sells out in 6 seconds on launch day in India

02 December, 2014
Xiaomi's latest smartphone in India lasts a mere six seconds on Flipkart before going out of stock.

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Firstly, I am impressed with flipkart for such a quick delivery (got it in less than 20 hrs!!).
this is a very good phone for the money.
A very Nice Phone. Nexus range phone for quarter price.

  • AnonD-338142

Super super i buy yesterday

  • AnonD-337827

Hard luck bro....

Me and my friend both were logged in from 1:50 till 1:59.

As soon as we got 4-3-2-1 we got the buy button n we both clicked . Item got added n cart and we were taken to the payment gateway.

So i would suggest that you click the buy button immediately also check your network speed.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2014I have also ordered and I am waiting anxiously for the devi... moredid u get your tab
if yes
then tell us more about it

  • anil singh

this smart phone are realy effectivly and best price in available it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2014Surely not all of the 50,000 individuals will buy and there... moreya right

  • Anonymous

I have also ordered and I am waiting anxiously for the device. Prashant

  • anusha.ponkam

hiiiiiiiiiiii...... im really waiting for DEC 9th bcoz ill booking for redmi note. ilove it that phone. bcoz very nice features.

  • manish

surprise surprise ..............

i bought it in just 1 sec ............

eagerly waiting for the arrival of my product ..............

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2014Surely not all of the 50,000 individuals will buy and there... moreWhy? Because trying to get a phone like dogs fight for food twice in a week is better than once in a week?

  • AnonD-317308

Eagerly waiting for d device today morning .....

  • Singh

I am one of the luckiest 50,000 customers who managed to book that note.... ha ha ha loving it...now eagerly waiting for delivery...

  • Anonymous

Surely not all of the 50,000 individuals will buy and there will be some percentage of units not sold by the end of 6:00 PM on the day of sale. It would be nice if Flipkart arrange for registration for the leftover units between the days prior to the next sale. In this way, interested buyers would not have to wait for a whole week before the next sale begins, just saying.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2014what is sar value for this product?From xiaomi forums i read that xiaomi says it is 0.589 in one thread and 0.8 at another.. Whereas sarshield site has measured it as 1.39.
Max recommended is 2.00

  • Anonymous

what is sar value for this product?


i m buy note on 2dec flipkart sale

  • AnonD-337793

yes you can run pendrive with this device

  • Rapid Chase

Wow!! I clicked it in a nano second. But love it, it says out of stock. This time first I will register again first. Then I will take coaching to become a topper in clicking. I wish flip kart provide some training for that. They can also make some money with some training. They can filter customers based on training, registration, quiz, first come first basis, first click etc.

Now my supplementary exam is on 9th December 2.00pm.
If I pass, for sure I will cancel that product once they come to my cart. Really I love it.

What a nice way to sell products. I hope all big companies in the world should follow Flip-kart way.

  • Kinny

naveen, 03 Dec 2014pls help me......can v connect pen drive through otc cable it's not otc call OTG ya sure u can connect has they mentioned

  • sanjeev

at 2 pm handset is out of stock.
what is this?