Xiaomi Redmi Note sells out in 6 seconds on launch day in India

02 December, 2014
Xiaomi's latest smartphone in India lasts a mere six seconds on Flipkart before going out of stock.

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  • leo

people who cannot see buy now button..
kindly click redmi note link. the count down timer with seconds are running in that link only. Seconds timer will not run in home screen and you cannot see buy now button there.

  • AnonD-189514

Word of the day - Their. :P

  • Anonymous

Can anybody who bought the phone write a full review (sound quality, cam quality, battery life etc.) before 8th December please.....

  • Gautam

People complaining about flipkart is fake or device being out of stock let me tell you that you people are too slow. I registered for it and also successfully added the phone the my cart, click on buy now without wasting a second best of luck for all those who could not buy it the first time second sale is on 9th Dec 2 PM. However i did not buy the phone (deleted it from my cart) because of lack of service stations and poor audio quality.

  • Anonymous

Rajesh, 03 Dec 2014there is amazing 8 core mediatek processor it has gorilla ... moreThe old octacore isn't really ground breaking..
Why would there be gorilla glass and not officially accept it?
Service centers that need two months to change a screen?

Get real..

  • Anonymous

Guys who didn't get it don't worry..
Half of the sold devices will appear on other sites like olx, ebay etc in a few days..

  • AnonD-337742

Flipkart is fooling customers.Frauds another name for Flipkart

  • AnonD-337736

who getting this phone ?
please give your opinion about this mobile fast and trully

  • rajendran

Very nice

  • Rajesh

wap, 03 Dec 2014No Snapdragon No Gorilla Glass No Service centres _still... morethere is amazing 8 core mediatek processor
it has gorilla glass but not officially declared
In my state kerala has two service center one in TVM and second one in cochin
You cant imagine this specs in this much price,you will love only laggy samsung devices.What else you need?

  • Rajesh

hi, yesterday i successfully buy this on sharp 2 O clock ,there is no problem you people just wait until countdown 0.00 then it shows cart button and just cart it that's all.Before i felt they are making only marketing not selling anything,but yesterday i realized its only the matter of fast purchasing before out of stock.

  • adithya

Atul Khairnar, 03 Dec 2014I think on flipkart, there are no stock because I click wit... moreflipkart is douing fraud

i didnt see buy now option

its directly shows out of stock

wt the f__k flipkart is doing

  • Vaibhav

I tried for mi3 and redmi 1s in flash sales but i was unlucky. But yesterday i was able to buy redmi note successfully. As soon as i see buy now button i clicked it that's it. Ihave 512kbps bsnl broadband connection and chrome browser. I have logged in using Facebook 30 minutes prior to the sale and refreshed the page after 5 minutes each. At the end i refreshed when there was 1 min left and finally less than 30 sec left. Waiting for delivery happily.

Can anybody confirm does it have gorilla glass protection?

  • Noobseverywhere

To answer all of ur concerns....as soon as u click on buy now, the product gets added to your cart and hence temporarily deducted from their stock...so even if u take 6 secs or 6 mins u still get to pay for it without it being shown out of stock. so in short 50000 prospective buyers might have added the device to their cart and then proceeded to pay for it, resulting in the phone being sold out in 6 secs.

  • AnonD-324589

hitzy, 02 Dec 2014Flipkart are cheating people and this just marketing of the... moreI have stopped visiting Flipkart as I feel they sell the product in grey market as Xiaomi should be available in Flipkart only but its available with Ebay.com and some other online shop with 1000 bucks more, I tried 4 weeks but did not a get a single one.

  • Jim

Got delivered this today. Flipkart's service was excellent where I placed order at 2 pm and received it before 24 hours. The packing box was a plane box nothhing written on it with a small sticker pasted of Mi. This phone does not comes with any earphone, you need to buy that separately. The back side of the phone has a cheap plastic look even worst that Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Atul Khairnar, 03 Dec 2014I think on flipkart, there are no stock because I click wit... moreYour pc clock is slow. Please update. I got it in 4 secs

  • aju

Buds, 03 Dec 2014Duh, clicking on button does not matter. clicking buy, ente... moreNot like that. you just have to click 'buy' and it will get added to the cart.

You will get 4 hour to pay for the product


hi i got my note waiting for it to come
thr is nothing like pros & cons its just tab at a cheaper price why people buy a ph. of 30000 whn they are getting the same in 9000
nly a branded fool can go for sam,htc,nok

  • kiran

It's wary good mobile I like this 😃