Xiaomi Redmi Note sells out in 6 seconds on launch day in India

02 December, 2014
Xiaomi's latest smartphone in India lasts a mere six seconds on Flipkart before going out of stock.

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  • naveen

pls help me......can v connect pen drive through otc cable

  • Anonymous

yes i have also purchased redmi note on 02.12.14

  • MK

Can we upgrade this phone to Kitkat?? and how??

  • Atul Khairnar

I think on flipkart, there are no stock because I click with in 2 sec. on website showed out of stock. My questions is how is it possible with 2 second showing out of stock.... Now I read the 6 sec Redmi note was sold..... We have some doubt about the selling related marketing

  • Anonymous

Samm, 02 Dec 2014does it support video call through network operator diretcly n h... moreno, it doesn't support native video call.

  • panther123

wooden, 03 Dec 2014Hahahaha i got mine :Phey.. how is it ?

  • Anuj

This is the fake way of promoting there phone. Its a new stratagy to promote.As soon as the sale opens it shows "out of stock"..Then y u have taken so much booking ? cheaters . Its just programming tricks . Just written a event that at sharp 2.00 PM IST display " Out of Stock " in red. So that the news flsahes (like here that sold out in 6 sec) and more users get attracted.
There battery goes down like there timer. So buy smartly . I am also there fan but the marketing policy they are using is worst and felt like cheated.

  • Raj

hehehe ... bought ?? i think u guys just registered ... YES na ?

  • Milan

Hi friend do not use 3G connection

  • Buds

hitzy, 02 Dec 2014Flipkart are cheating people and this just marketing of the prod... moreDuh, clicking on button does not matter. clicking buy, entering details and finishing payment in under 6 seconds would have got you the phone

  • wooden

Hahahaha i got mine :P

  • Aryan

Even i was waiting for the sale counter to open and as soon as the i got the buy button, i clicked Buy and was able to successfully buy the phone.

  • mahir

i bought a redmi 1s and want to connect to pc but after connecting from data adapter, Chinese language appears for instruction and i do not understand the instructions and i am not able to connect my redimi 1s yet to my pc, please help me

  • Toran

I also managd 2 Buy………

  • Shamir Ahmedabad

I have purchase MI3, Redmi 1S and Redmi Note, I didnt face any issue, you might having slow internet connection of lack of efforts.

  • iampanther

tarun, 03 Dec 2014I m lucky. I got a notehow yu were able to get the phone ?

  • AnonD-159864

I have to purchase redmi 1s & redmi note... but redmi 1s is note slow issue running very smoothly note any issue found... redmi note 1.7 ghz octa-core processor & 2GB Ram.. not running slow issues.. but resolution is slightly low only 267 ppi.. other wise nice phone....

  • Anil Kumar

its true there were heavy traffic i was also unlucky but my friend booked two red-mi note and i will get one of them this is not a product publicity the sale was actual. and many persons get there booking

  • sandeep

i got the phone ...i am lucky one....

  • varun

i clicked instantly at 2.00am and had gottten a redmi note phone. i think flipcart has been giving very good service----------there is no matter of complaint.....