Xiaomi Redmi Note sells out in 6 seconds on launch day in India

02 December, 2014
Xiaomi's latest smartphone in India lasts a mere six seconds on Flipkart before going out of stock.

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  • raj

redme 1s is battery is no life

  • AnonD-226217

when flipkart sold 100,000 redmi 1s on big billion day i.e 6 oct 2014 , it took them 6-7 hours to go out of stock . There was no flash sale nor any other gimmick on that particular day .
Resellers take advantage of this crappy 'flash sale method' by logging with fake ip addresses from a single pc/laptop and secure numerous phones just by using scripts on chrome browser, the icing on cake is that they don't have to pay or confirm the order in limited time, they just keep it in cart for whole day and negotiate with prospective customers to buy at inflated price while other genuine consumers miss out .
Xiaomi knows this very well but keeps on going with 'flash sale' just to get ''SOLD OUT in _ seconds" tag as it helps them to garner cheap publicity.

  • AnonD-77892

where is xiaomi?

  • shrey

AnonD-121155, 02 Dec 2014I dunno if they really sold 50,000 units or not but consider my ... moreexactly what happened with me but i still bought two of them. i was one of the 5000 flipkart first subsrciber to get early access,and then i also purchased one in flash sale

  • Bailey

adeeb, 02 Dec 2014These online retailers are just marketing to increase their bran... moreYou brother would have no idea how much phones were sold unless he was counting them as they were sold. Also phone sales go into the overal phone sales for the year and if they lie in India they would get into trouble for ther overall phone sales because they would be cheating there also. I believe it would be criminal

  • AnonD-121155

right, 02 Dec 2014And when does the next batch sell ? like 1 or 2 months later. So... moreNext sale is on 9th December.

  • AnonD-121155

I dunno if they really sold 50,000 units or not but consider my scenario...

I wanted to buy 2 units so I had registered with two different login ids and had them open side by side, one in firefox & one in chrome. I was well ready by 01:55 and was counting down each second which were perfectly in sync on both the browsers. As soon as the counter went 0, Firefox showed me the Buy button first and I clicked on it WHAM!! And almost in less than a second, I clicked on the Buy button in Chrome as well.

Firefox buyout went perfectly and I got the confirmation within seconds, but the confirmation never came on Chrome. After a minute, I refreshed the page, and it showed me the "Out of stock" message.

So I cannot argue whether they actually sold 50,000 units but it did sell out very quick (less than 6 seconds tbh)

Wish you all a goodluck for the next sale on 9th.

  • bittu

i also got one :)..yayy

  • ducky

please use linux for better clock synchronization

  • adeeb

These online retailers are just marketing to increase their brand value and gain attention, no one wants a product they have never experienced, my brother is at flipkart bangalore,it's all gimmick like the October 6 big billion day, to get the most people to visit their Web page, and nothing is available, and they just have to send a apology email, it is a legal scam,

  • lm10

so you are saying that they are showing more sales than they are actually selling as a marketing strategy despite they'll have to pay more taxes because of it. FYI faking sales by a big company is not easy even in India

  • hmm

So while One Plus one requires users to beg for the phone, Xiaomi requires users to have the fastest internet service to buy the phone.


well i did get the one... now just waiting for the flipkart to deliver it..

  • swap

i also got the one :). But the color is white. I needed black color :(


the data is fake as no import data is showing for this model

  • right

And when does the next batch sell ? like 1 or 2 months later. So basically 50000 phones being sold in one or two months.Not to forget resellers stocking up the phone to be resold.

  • Akhtar

I got one....

  • AnonD-243873

That is the way you have to fight for cheap price high specification phone.If you don't have patience get a flagship android or premium I phones.That is the game.These flash sales remind that only.

  • Anonymous

ourself in our office have booked 8 units

  • AnonD-337400

Yess I Got it...