Snapdragon 810-powered Galaxy Note 4 now in testing

09 December, 2014
A rumor is stating that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will soon be appearing with a brand new chipset.

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  • Anonymous

do people really care about outright synthetic speed?

Day to day use the S801 works fast, so does the S800, 64 bit only means more ram can be used, and with more ram comes more battery hungry apps.

  • AnonD-143475

AnonD-301829, 10 Dec 2014the true market for next generation flagship should have been pe... morewell said.

  • AnonD-143475

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2014This is a big slap in the face for people who already bought it lolWell they should be. Inpatience enough to buy a new phone. They should aware that these giant phone company produce better phone like every 3-6 months.

  • AnonD-143475

AnonD-335955, 09 Dec 2014Bastards, greedy bastards. My Note 4 barely had its paint dried,... more*facepalm* fail. Samsung doesn't force their customers to buy their flagship phone everytime their new phone came out. This is applied to Sony company too. They (Samsung & Sony) just releasing new phone everyone 6 months (or quicker) so that their flagship devices is future-proof and up-to-date with better spec. So it's up to buyers whether to buy new device or wait for another flagship phone coming up.

The phone maker is not the problem. The customer is.

  • AnonD-143475

AnonD-282800, 09 Dec 2014I do not know why every one bought a note 4 with 805 is bothered... moreyou know that not everyone is rich to buy a flagship phone every 1-2 years. Future-proof spec like this can attract long-term phone usage buyers.

  • AnonD-301829

AnonD-207267, 09 Dec 2014WASTE of money. Ok, big whoop...64 bit...will do what? Save 0.... morethe true market for next generation flagship should have been people with 2-3 years old flagship. For them, latest technology is important, since they don't want to waste money by changing flagship every year.

Unless a fanboy

  • Panha

Even though, there is no supporting 64bits yet but we spend the same cash but get different quality. no one would be happy to have last year phone 32bits prior for this new year 64bits Lollipop. Even other phones will come in 64bits after this new year.

  • Mac

whats the problem...i think for past 15 maybe 20 years average techie will change their phone every 2 years..some even less

  • AnonD-207267

WASTE of money. Ok, big whoop...64 bit...will do what? Save 0.0003 seconds off app launch time? Yes, benchmarks will be faster, big deal. Coworker got a Nexus6, we set up the same apps, set the screen to the same brightness against my "cheap" Mate2. His launched apps, just a split second faster, but, mine has a bigger longer lasting battery and cost LESS THAN half of the Nexus 6. These companies are doing the Apple model. Make a new device every 3-6 months, charge one hundred bucks or more for the newer model, hype it up and watch the sheep waste their money, by trashing a device they just bought less than a year before. Hey, your money, but, I'd rather have a good value, than waste it on bells and whistles.

  • Anonymous

Impossible for samsung to do such a thing. Could be another version of the note edge but not the note 4. I could be wrong but samsung would be counted as an f.ed up company by doing such a thing. It would make more sense to make a new note edge with this cause the note edge available now lags more than a nexus s with gingerbread!!

  • Baby

Does note edge coming with 810.

  • AnonD-282800

I do not know why every one bought a note 4 with 805 is bothered? There is marginal difference bet the 805 and the 64 bit exynos beside until you get all apps supporting 64 it may take 1/2 years look at apple, after 2 years of 64 bit there is still thousands of apps not supporting 64 bits. calm down folk the note even with 805 is a beast.

  • Anonymous

This is a big slap in the face for people who already bought it lol

  • Anonymous

AnonD-323669, 09 Dec 2014The biggest advantage of any Samsung mobile is its biggest drawb... moreThe biggest advantage of Samsung and LG phones is the removable battery.

So you can buy extended batteries that have 2x and 3x the capacity of the stock battery. These mobiles provide enough space for it (the phones are too slim). You don't have to carry any power bank and adaptor. Problem solved.

  • AnonD-335955

Bastards, greedy bastards. My Note 4 barely had its paint dried, they want more money now? DROP DEAD Samsung! Launching a new device every three month is too much. Newer devices are DOA so soon and EOL?

  • AnonD-340012

Exynos? Or better "bugExynos"? Never... Never plus!

  • Anonymous

Im glad i didnt bought the first batch of note4

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2014Never buy a phone immediately when it is released! Everyone s... moreYes very well said this is wy I am waiting for the Note 4 price drop + a newer version maybe. So Note 2 still rocks for me

  • AnonD-58102

If it has 4GB RAM then it'll be awesome!

  • Anonymous

Terminator, 09 Dec 2014I bought mine via Amazon a month ago and it was the Korean versi... moreWhere did you buy it (which seller)?

I also live in UK and also want an Exynos Note 4