FCC teases with Nokia 5800i XM - better camera, but no Wi-Fi?

31 July, 2009
The US FCC website leaked a new version of the popular Nokia 5800. It's called 5800i, but contrary to what the name suggests, it's not a pure upgrade over the regular 5800 XpressMusic. There are no detailed...

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  • Loyancenant

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  • nits

Will this handset be available for India ?

  • Anonymous

this is for china...i see

  • George K

Clearly this model is for the Chinese market and thats why it doesnt include WiFi. It can be seen from the text input and menus from the manual:

Lets hope that the EU/USA version will include WiFi :)

  • George K

Have you noticed that now there is a scratch pen included in the case. It can be seen on the lower left of the backside and on the last internal picture on page 7 of the FCC report on the right side.


  • TG

No Wi-Fi, I don't think that's good. Using Wi-Fi is much easier and might not cost you much. But anyway, Nokia is the best!

  • Anonymous

var, 03 Aug 2009It looks like its having a full QWERTY keyboard. Any news?No keyboard at all.....

  • haroon

WIFI is a blessing.... LOL...
I would definitely prefer WIFI....

  • Rip

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2009I would prefer WiFi over the lens quality any day. You're ... moreDude, are you kidding? This or the Touch Pro2?? Man, it's a no brainer!!! You don't even have to compare specs for nokia's sake!!!! The Pro2 can wipe the floor, clean the toilets and windows with the 5800 any day of the week... oh, and twice on the weekends!!!

  • europe

why dont they upgrade 5800 with a capcative screen better camera and 3d hw accelator.

  • Mandy

every body wants a phone with wifi and the 5800 xm is one the popular phone today.

  • Anonymous

This is highly likely to be made for the Chinese market, where wi-fi is not commonly used (due to the choice of WAPI over wi-fi due to monitoring issues) in the country.

  • var

It looks like its having a full QWERTY keyboard. Any news?

  • Anonymous

I would prefer WiFi over the lens quality any day. You're joking to actually expect real picture quality from a camera phone than from an actual camera. I'm actually considering the 5800 (unlocked) for my T-Mo service - either this or the HTC Touch Pro2

  • Anonymous

V-ger, 02 Aug 2009Please raise a hand if you think Nokia or any manufacturer ... moreAn operator like Verizon for instance who disable wifi in the handsets they sell (BB Storm).

I wonder if this is a CDMA phone.

  • Fede

Hi!, Ican't belive that nokia will take off the wifi and gave more space to a camera... it's just one stupid election...

  • polo99a9

i think wifi is overrated. in a phone i would rather have HSDPA so that i have internet all the time, than wifi with limited areas.

areas that heve wifi are usualy places where you don't go to surf the net (the pub, mcdonalds, at home). here you talk with friends, eat or surf the net on the pc.

  • V-ger

Please raise a hand if you think Nokia or any manufacturer cares the least about the end-user when creating the specks. No! We don't mean a thing to them most of the time. Most of the phones are sold through operators with a contract. And the operators buy the gadgets from the manufacturers.

So if an operator thinks WiFi is the ultimate evil (as they can not get you raise their profit with agressive and irrational data prices), they will have their way, and have the manufacturer create a version without WiFi.

While in Europe, most operators have realised it, and offer hot spots as well (like T in fast food restaurants, fuel stations and Voda in airports), on other continents operators have not fully realised so far how to get your sallary directly sent to them upon "data charging".

  • Anonymous

hehehe no wifi... oopS!!!

  • cemical

i think its not a big deal to add some modification in camera by not making it upgraded to 5mpxl or something else, but the fact is removing WIFI from 5800i from my point of view i think it was such a wast of time for the 5800i developer, totally fooooolish!!