Nokia claims N86 8MP doesn't need any xenon, world chuckles

31 July, 2009
It seems we aren't the only ones that feel sorry the Nokia N86 8MP lacks a xenon flash like its predecessor - the Nokia N82. So the Finnish company decided it had to do something to restore its flagship reputation...

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  • lucifer

the future is slim supercapacitors and xenon, i think it will be adopted soon by phone producers

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2009everyone, please stop mentioning the word photography in co... moreI guess you never heard about "gadget convergence" do you ? never say no if you don't know what you are talking about. personally, I'd love to see everything in one gadget.... it will take awhile, but it's coming very fast....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2009I hope we'll at least once see a phone equipped with a whop... moreIt doesn't matter. LED may be able to reach xenon's light output but it will drain battery faster and it will never be able to match xenon light's motion-freeze capability. Stop comparing LED with Xenon. we are talking about sky and earth. Go and get LED camera if you want crappy pictures but go for xenon camera if you want to see decent pictures.....

  • Anonymous

josh, 07 Aug 2009your right there, xenon is way to powerfull and takes the ... moreare you sure you know what you are talking about ???

  • wondergirl

should i get an n82 or n86 for myself?

  • Yo Momma Juan Dela C

putang-ina nyo! andami nyong alam mga hindot! mag camera na lang kayo kesa andami nyong satsat! mga basurang maalam!!!

  • Pseyr

cipap_mak_ko, 04 Aug 2009WOW! HAS XENON! I WANNA BUY IT! rofl!!! XENON is a lame sp... moreAnd, as a photographer, I'll answer. Try to at least find something out for yourself before telling other people to "go ask a photographer". Look at any Canon, Nikon or any other pro flash. They are ALL xenon flashes. Period. That is what we use for still photography. If your colours are washed out, you're using too much flash output for the distance to your subject. LED lights are the way to go for video (as many others hace said here), but nothing beats xenon for stills. Well, there actually IS one thing that beats xenon for still photography... the sun. :-D

  • Anonymous

that doesn't mean the MP increase is directly linked to quality increase. unless they happen to be using larger sized sensors, MP increases diminish the quality of a photo, and it's ability to shoot in any light that isn't perfect (outdoors, 2 hours after sunrise, 2 hours before sunset). plus i didn't say it couldn't take okay pictures for use of say hey there, but it's not photography, and since i typically carry a small pocket camera around to family outings and such, i've yet to ever use a cell phone camera, and i would never pre plan to bring it with me as a primary camera for any event i can imagine. oddly enough i don't take photos in clubs, i actually have fun there, i don't need yet another photo of a sunset or rainbow or any other time sensitive happenstance, at least not enough to think i would get any enjoyment out of a blurry overexposed picture. if i'm preplanning a photo trip, i bring my large format, if i'm just exploring, i bring my dslr, if it's a vacation/party/family gathering, i bring my smaller than my wallet sized digital camera, each taking progressively crappier photos in situations where it is progressively less important about the quality of the photo, but i can't imagine a situation i'd need to but out my camera phone for, and i don't think i ever will.

  • josh

cipap_mak_ko, 04 Aug 2009WOW! HAS XENON! I WANNA BUY IT! rofl!!! XENON is a lame sp... moreyour right there,
xenon is way to powerfull and takes the true colours away resulting in a washed out look..........

  • josh

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2009I hope we'll at least once see a phone equipped with a whop... morethese are for leds cramed in a dual led, the yellow bit you see in the middle of the white leds is just normal led and the outside one are powerfull white leds,
wich allmost reach xenon peak!!!!

  • Anonymous

I hope we'll at least once see a phone equipped with a whopping number of 4 LED flashed (all 3rd gen or even better). Many people says that 4 LED equals to 1 Xenon. Then we'd have the REAL answer. But this will most likely not happen sadly enough :(

  • Shaoul

I prefer led to xenon due to light difractionability.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2009everyone, please stop mentioning the word photography in co... moreN86 and Pixon12 are superior quality wise compared to some low- and mid-end digital cameras. Definitly not all of them, but then again you can't say the N86 has a simple "cellphone camera", as it clearly is more than that. You can't generalize all phones, as the quality varies. Remember, this is not an Iphone quality camera, this uses one of Carl Zeiss' better lenses. In fact, the N86 lens is only surpassed by the upcoming 12MP phone from Nokia, when only counting CZ Mobile lenses. It has tough competition from SE's, Sammy's and LG's upcoming/released 12MP phones as well.

And more MP:s DOES mean better quality in cellphones, unlike digicams, because the optics' (the lens') improvement quality wise in cellphones goes hand in hand with the sensor progress (thus more MP:s as well).

  • josh

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2009Nokia seem to be leaving at least one important feature out... moreI never thought off that (GOOD POINT) they use alot of battery, as you know the nokia n82 is not avalable because it was not popurlar.
I was going to buy one but no one sold then and the phone phone people said that it was not a good seller because of the thikness and the bolkyness
so I think you right!

  • josh

xenon is just been around for ages and we all eceped it, (even I think it should) but it dosnt just be content that it has a powerfull flash and dose the job nicely....

  • josh

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2009Please Relax!! If people want great pictures, then buy a... morepeople whant everything in one device and the nokia n86 does that a AWESOME camera.... it reall is that good......

  • Anonymous

everyone, please stop mentioning the word photography in conjunction with a cell phone camera....please. it's like saying a webcam is a camcorder, or professional video utility. nobody i know even uses the bloody thing, and it's most often seen used as the spy cam in a club of some sort producing laughably blurry photos of celebs doing naughty things. i really don't understand the desire to have mediocrity contained all in one crappy device. spend a few pennies on a decent pocketable digi cam and you'll get better results without having to argue about whether or not the truly battery hogging xenon light should even be on a cellphone camera. these things have horrendously slow focus, high apertures, all made worse with either digi zooms, or a "true" zoom function that kills those already ridiculously high aperture numbers, oh and don't forget the MP race which has been trying to cram more and more pixels onto an already limited space of the cellphone cam sensor thus making each pixel exponentially more useless.

  • toorop

Nokia could sell a xenon addon-flash, like Nokia PD-2 for the Nokia 6670 or the MXE-60 for the SE K750i. Escpecially the MXE-60 was a very good performer and outperforms easyly the N82, belive me. I made some very good club photos.

  • andy burgin

Nokia always think the produce the best camera mobile nowdays an think the N86 camera outclasses the others,but they nowdays are losing touch with innovations,we never seem to get phone from Nokia that others the Best functions,Samsung are showing Nokia they have the best designers of mobiles,an Nokia now are losing out on the Topclass mobile market,the N86 was just a Cheap idea from Nokia but Why?didn"t we something Better from them,so now the "N" series losing out Nokias got really change there momentum an show they mean Business or they will really struggle in the last quarter of 2009

  • tt

again - a link to demonstrate what the best photo cameras of today can do:

it's not hard to see what xenon is worth!