No new WP flagship from Microsoft until September

15 December, 2014
This will make it nearly two years between flagships - the current Lumia 930 was announced in April.

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  • AnonD-288769

And thay won't people to change to Windows OS. Well that's the wrong way about it . People will get fed up waiting . Flagship phones set the benchmark for the company . And Microsoft need all the help thay can get . So need need success for the 1020 and 1520 and even 930 getting old now .

  • AnonD-216585

adi, 15 Dec 2014I think you're lying a little bit, well a specific...well i have not even mentioned 1020 dont save some HiRes photos... only worth is manual possibilities and awesome audio...thats main reason why i got it...

  • Supremo

It seems like the flagship models launched this year aren't selling well so Microsoft won't be launching any new flagship models under their brand until September till most of the stock of old flagships sells out.

  • AnonD-196068

Does anyone actually care any more?

  • Anonymous

If it's true, that is a CLEAR confession from MS that Windows Phone 8/8.1 is still a TOTAL and COLOSSAL failure.
It seems MS can't see any opportunity in WP8, the concentrate only Windows (Phone) 10.
I think this is the LAST hope for WP. It should be a really cool OS, with nice GUI, much more customization option, with more and better apps.
If WP10 will not fulfill the requirements, than WP will die, like WinMo or Symbian.
ATM IMO WP is the worst and most rigid OS on the market, so MS have to change a LOT of thing, to be successful.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Dec 2014My suggestion: L1040: 5.3" amoled LCD, 1080p, puremo... morekeep your stupid suggestion with you only as WP don't need RAM of more than 2 GB. I have 620 and 512MB ram is enough and yet powerful than 3 GB ram in android.

  • Anonymous

My suggestion:
5.3" amoled LCD, 1080p, puremotion HD+
300Mbps DL, 50Mbps UL
Bluetooth v4.1, NFC, DLNA, Wifi 802.11ac
64GB + micro SD up to 128GB, 4GB RAM
50MP Pureview camera, OIS, Oversampling, UHD Video, 5MP Front camera, xenon + LED Flash, physical camera button
QSD 810 CPU, Quad-core 2.7GHz
windows 10 OS
3400mAh battery

1520 successor:
6.4" IPS LCD, QHD, Puremotion HD+
300Mbps DL, 50Mbps UL
Bluetooth v4.1, NFC, DLNA, Wifi 802.11ac
64GB + micro SD up to 128GB, 3GB RAM
30MP Pureview camera, OIS, UHD Video, 5MP Front camera, xenon Flash, physical camera button
QSD 810 CPU, Quad-core 2.7GHz
windows 10 OS
3700mAh battery

  • AnonD-210527

I wanted next high end windows phone to release by July next year. Preferably 10xx device. Maybe Microsoft is going to ditch all wp8 phones and make wp10 only for new device(i know they said they will release wp10 for all wp8 but what I mean is maybe it will be a stripped down version. Like windows RT). I wont buy new device until September next year.

  • Techie

No Flagships till septeber 2015.... Very simple... Windows 10 on the cards. As it doesn't go in their way with Windows 8,and many other OEM's not interested in their OS, Microsoft don't want to create similar Flagships and waste money, they want to start the game fresh and Give a strong come back.Go Microsoft I'm waiting...

  • Green

Microsfot XBOX Lumia 6 Series

Lumia 640:
Snapdragon 410 or Snap610 64bit.
1.5gb or 2gb ram,
8mp - 10mp Rear, LED.
5mp Selfie.
IPS 5" display.
32gb internal + 3000mah battery.
Inbuilt 5 Most Wanted Xbox Game.
USD200 - USD 300

Include Free Casing as a package. It has been difficult to buy casing for Lumia. a Turn Off Point.
Lumia 535 Free Casing is Awesome.

XBOX is a selling point for Lumia. Make use of it.

  • AnonD-296725

MS doesn't know what to do because no matter what they do it's not selling

  • Where is the 1520?

Could GSM Arena please find out from Microsoft whether production of the Lumia 1520 has been officially discontinued and whether any further stock will be made available from the Microsoft Store in the UK? As I already own the 1020 and 930 I was hoping to be able get this at a more reasonable price ~ £400 in 2015. It seems to be sold out from all reputable online retailers in the UK. Last Microsoft stock appears to have sold out on December 7th price £449.99 - It is no longer advertised for sale on the UK Microsoft Store and this was only 16GB version. The 32GB version hasn't been available in the UK since October I think.

  • bubu

10??...This is another bad news from Microsoft. Unfortunately since Microsoft took the new interface with tiles, that seem to be designed by a 3 year old child, there are many disappointments and certainly many fans will go to Apple for better pones and laptops.

  • Carol

lets go, 15 Dec 2014We understand perfectly and the problem is Nokia / MICROSOF... moreWell, before speaking you could actualy inform your self, cause you sound like: Well, i might be ugly but at least i got no money! And that's not that smart;). As for microaoft. Well, this guys destroyed a company that once i loved, and now they are fighting to go up, at least this is what they claim. Their system quite improved in the past year and moast of your complains have no ground. The system is not top of the art, but first crapple so called smartphones did not even had apps, no sd card, no multitasking, no bluetooth file transfer(tgey still don't have this), no file manager, quite nothing, so basically they were called smartphones because you could touch their screen (something that smartphones were avle to do way before crapple came). Well, in the era of real smartphones who could do a hack lot of more other things, crapple iphone was declared a smartphone, and not just a smartphone. The first smartphone of the world. And allot of people still believe it. Then came samsung and decided to make some money with android copying crapple interface. What is funny is that this company still doean't admit this, but well, their plans i'm quite sure, were more lower then what they achived. And that is why all their new models are the same and ugly like their is no tomorrow. No plans, just band. Let me put it this way. At first people bought shamesung cause it was a cheapper version of crapple with bigger screen and more posibilities (not cause of samsung and for sure not cause android), and this was also tgeir plan all the way from the beginning, a plan witch resulted in explosion of succes of a crappy slow and buggy system. So, before talking nonsense, let's give this system a bit time without talking bullxrapp. And let's be glad there aren't just two systems on the market. One locked like is for kids and the other that needs some packs of nitro to run 100km an hour.

  • adi

AnonD-216585, 15 Dec 2014I brought 1020, it freezes, and battery nowhere to get out ... moreI think you're lying a little bit, well a lot.

  • lets go

AnonD-340276, 15 Dec 2014I think most of people don't understand here is that releas... moreWe understand perfectly and the problem is Nokia / MICROSOFT (NM)

First of all Nokia have simply taken the Apple iPhone and copied its architecture root and branch.

From Nokia having this (Symbian) Lumias have ditched it

HIGH end phone have dropped memory expansion added non replacable battery

(Nokia wereSamsung battery in/out and microsd 99.9%)

No camera settings the Lumia 1020 ONLY snaps 41MP pics
user cannot select resolution, so the 930 only takes 20MP

Why not set my volume and display to max as you know best

only the low end phone have battery in/out and microsd

If this is what you insist on mid range PPI, mid range secondary camera resolution

No clipboard cut & paste that deletes contents when lock screen kick in

No file manager, USB to check a files properties or to move

No inbuilt world time to display 2 different time zones needs a separate app

running apps are closed when touch screen kick in

The lack of settings and MID RANGE specs meant for those of us who like high end phones with memory expansion are denied it.

BOLO Lumia 16MP+ with settings High PPI memory expansion plus remobale battery

I don't want a windows8 iPhone and if that were not enough NM puts out the lie that the App market is increasing

The app market is dire, this is typical of what is counted as a window phone App

Pi benchmark released in 2011

That is it. This is what Microsoft accepted as an app and solicits others to join some apps simply don't work yet still are counted

Microsoft offers no prospect of upgrade and is not in the Apple take it or leave it "class"

  • Norrsken

Seems like Microsoft is going to loose a lot of premium customers to Apple. TTM and Product releases are slow and too few.

AnonD-246216, 15 Dec 2014You are right. The camera on the lumia 1020 is just so over... morehave you EVER used a standalone camera?
i mean not a mobile camera or something?
if so you could tell the difference bro.

  • justaguy

AnonD-246216, 15 Dec 2014You are right. The camera on the lumia 1020 is just so over... moreI think you should probably re-read the tutorial... my 1020 takes better pictures than anyone elses phone... granted, you have to know how to use it, but I think it's still remarkable and the best camera available.

  • AnonD-246216

AnonD-190733, 15 Dec 2014U must be an iPhone userNope. Z3 user here. Why would I use the POS?