Nokia C1 is the company's first post-Microsoft Android phone

22 December, 2014
A photo of the phone leaked online with alleged specs sheet suggesting an Intel-made chipset.

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  • AnonD-275729

Aadrian, 22 Dec 2014Nokia with android, not my favorite. But if Nokia would make pho... moreNokia iwht WP not my favorite. Rather Android then anything else but I prefer Symbian and/or Harmattan.

I'd rather have a true successor to the N9 then all this cheap crappy foxcon crap.

  • eidbest

I am mighty glad to see the name Nokia will remain alive. I am even happier to see it move to the Android platform. What this will confirm is, we shall enjoy both a solid quality build hardware, and a very popular OS. My Christmas feels a lot better.

  • kedi

Huge fans of Nokia.Proud Nokia is back in the market with the latest updates.

  • Anonymous

i am so happy after reading this news nokia i am waiting your first full android os phone please make the best and come in indian market as no 1

  • JR

Nokia C1 ~ Android Version of iPhone 6. Hmmm not that bad. Actually it's good.

  • AnonD-209094

AnonD-214913, 22 Dec 2014For your information android 5 is 64bit compatible. You dont understand these things. Theres no such thing, either the OS is compiled for Intel 32 bit or Intel 64 bit, or ARM 32 bit or ARM 64 bit. 32 bit Android runs perfectly fine on 64 bit processors and you could in theory compile a 32 bit Android OS to make use of special registers that some 64 bit CPUs may have but you cant make it support 64 bit, you really have to compile the OS as 64 bit then.

  • AnonD-344196

Nokia isn't about to waste their time with Windows Phone any more. After 4 years on that dead platform, they've learned when to walk away.

  • AnonD-209094

sdonio, 22 Dec 2014Update Your info - this is just a concept... http://www.nokiapow... moreThanks. Guess i should have seen that coming. Anyway, Nokia is a big company and has another brand name that they use for their tire/rubber business, Nokian. Those used to be Nokia also but the success of Nokia phones made them change it to Nokian. So why not make a Nokian phone? Go for it i say.

  • Anonymous

N series n91 music phone on android please Nokia

  • thenerd

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2014shut up samsung fanboy! never compare the cheap plastic with the... moreActually, that good 'quality product' is not in the same league as Samsung....

  • raj..

I stil like to have Nokia N series .the style is just uncomparable.

  • AnonD-214913

For your information android 5 is 64bit compatible.

Nokia with android, not my favorite. But if Nokia would make phones again with WP running on it it would be nice. Android or Windows Nokia phones, why not. Then people have a choice whatever they prefer on their Nokia.

  • Bobik

If Nokia does android flagships then i'll finally exchange my N8 into the new one with andriod inside!

  • Lucky

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2014better buy samsung king of smartphone. Hahaha joke of the year

  • Yerkes

Nokia phone numbering system is stupid. There was a C1-01 dumb phone they made, so calling this smart phone a C1 is a bit confusing.

  • Anonymous

First of all, I have to say: This is a big YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!

Android Nokia, if it is true, than YES!
Than. Phone is nice, a bit too big for me, but nowdays all phone are 5 inch.
It seems a bit iPhone clone, but nice. 8Mp camera is a bit cheap, and low-end, but the other components are OK!

It seems a correc offer for a reasonable price.
I hope Nokia will RETURN, and "kick some Ice".

  • AnonD-209094

j, 22 Dec 2014Hope it is 64bitDid you even read the article? Intel it said, which means it is 64bit for sure. But the Android installed will likely not be 64bit. Theres no performance gain anyway, only compatibility issues and other headaches.

  • JustinBarber

this actually makes no sense. and why rotten googly android? why not moar windows? its both open and secure! or ubuntu or firefox or sailfish... lots of options! sigh.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2014shut up samsung fanboy! never compare the cheap plastic with the... moreIt's foxconn dude, it just has the NOKIA title. Wait till 2017 to get an original NOKIA phone.