LG Fx0 is a transparent phone running Firefox OS

23 December, 2014
The device is destined for KDDI, one of the carriers in Japan, and it understandably won't be cheap.

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Useless phone and outdated. God dammit. i use this phone to play Tatching

  • yel

How to make my fxo to become android

  • zabarraja

What is video player and audio video file format of this mobile?

  • Subhan Vahora

I am successful My mison installed more app

  • Shayan Khan

how to Android????????????

  • AnonD-540464

hey do you got any idea about how to install whatsapp?

  • Ameer

How to install whats app or imo on firefox fxo

  • Rj usman

How to install imo or viber or any call app in lg firefox fx0.plz solve this ptoblm


  • M Ismail

what about the whatsapp and viber i am going to install all these apps in it but i couldn't actually it doesn't work. dose anyone has any information how to install?

  • AnonD-550545

lainmortal69, 28 Apr 2016How did you install whatsapp?try this one

  • lainmortal69

JJ, 30 Nov 2015Anonymous needs to check the actual street price on the FX0. It'... moreHow did you install whatsapp?

  • arsal

tell me plz,dual sim or not?

  • imran

how i can play store install on lg fxo transparent phone

  • JJ

Anonymous needs to check the actual street price on the FX0. It's currently available on the US Amazon market for $60, and it's a very nice phone. I'm enjoying mine.

  • Anonymous

This crap phone is more expensive then a Sony... WTF!

  • Ice

Well, only the cover is transparent, beyond that still unable to see the details of the phone. If i can see through all the IC chipsets, wires, connectors, circuit boards... that would be great. So, we need the inner cover also be transparent ;-)

  • BoBik

Let's give Firefox the benefit of the doubt. If it can improve the battery life (compared to Android-based phones) of the device, it might just bring the smartphone industry competition to a different level. Many will certainly welcome new developments specially if it means not having to recharge your phone in the next 4-5 days. Let's wait and see. Convince us, Firefox.

  • Nickolai

Wait, is it compatible with GSM networks?

  • Nice guy.

If it have a nice price I will buy it!
I like firefox, and a god spec is what I was waiting for.

  • Supremo

Hahaha, truly an useless phone with an OS that's useless.