Microsoft unveils Nokia 215 and 215 Dual SIM

05 January, 2015
The feature phone is built for essential Internet connectivity at a ultra-low price of $30.

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  • Nirmal

This phone very bad

  • Nirmal

This phone very bad

  • Jashu

Twitter app not working

  • Bala

Can't suport youtupe videos

  • Charith

I bought nokia 215 dual sim.
It is very cute 4n. I love it.
I have wanted to tell something to people who has gotten a hope to buy 215. There weren't back covers to buy. Becourse it back has been damaging always. So i searched all places( ebay, 4n shops). Bt couldn't find it anywhere.
And also Games & apps has come in .vxp format. Its very rare. And also all of .vxp are not working in it. So if u want to get a app or game you should get it in nokia store app. It will take money to give full game.. 0.90$ for a one game. And there weren't good games or apps in that app store. Facebook massanger is slow. It is less than facebook app. When i want to chat somebody i will choose fb app. Twitter app not working. Bing search engine link to opera mini browser. I could not understand why bing icon has been dropped in main manu if it links to opera mini.
There are the problems i have seen.
Thnk you.

  • Unknown

This phone is just a waste. Even it have internet features, you cannot intall full version apps or games of your own. If you open any jar files, you will recieve error- cannot open the file.

  • Anonymous

It does not support whats app

  • Akanksha

This mobile was discussting .. I am nt satisfiy this

  • Piash

Alcatel 20.07 is much better than it.

  • deepak

I m just waiting use this mobile...

  • SAM

TheGraphics, 05 Jan 2015Thats only half true. It only happens when you installed a lot o... moreThe graphics ,,
u r right brother. those phones were not Always so laggy n hangy. they hang only when you want to play large games. by the way i think 30 $ android & 30 $ nokia 215 wouldn't make any differenc . i think the nokia 215 would be a little more long lasting in charge and lifetime

  • Rawat

saran jcs, 24 Jan 2015Suprb mobile low price when launch IndiaWhere and when i can buy this mobile.

  • saran jcs

Suprb mobile low price when launch India

  • Anonymous

whn this mbl release in the market
im waiting
rply me

  • sinan

hey,when would it come to ctg.bangladesh! . . . . Tell us the exect time please. . . I nead that phone!

  • Nibir

Please let us know the above noted Mobile sets (model-215) come in chittagong, bangladesh market? When is coming? I waiting the for that.

  • mahe raghu

I wait for the product. I need. it.

  • md sohel

when in bangladesh nokia 215 modelm

  • Anonymous

AnonD-60077, 05 Jan 2015Put whatsapp in that and few from India will buy. Not all Indians are whatsapp freak like you. Basic call and sms is what some wants including me.

  • Octacore

I still love Nokia 3120c, if only it sports a WiFi and GPS and larger heap for Java