Asus announces the Zenfone 2 and Zenfone Zoom at CES 2015

05 January, 2015
Both phones have 5.5-inch Full HD screens, but the Zenfone Zoom offers a 3x zoom OIS camera lens.

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  • AnonD-417844

I've had my Zenfone 2 for roughly 6 weeks now and little by little it is starting to aggravate me. Sure the speed and ability to have many apps open at one time is amazing but, I want & need a phone that has great-decent screen brightness, especially outdoors, as well as, great pictures, both of which the Asus Zenfone 2 is lacking! At least with the unit I bought and it is so upsetting to me, esp. when my brightness level is all the way on high & I have downloaded 2 non-stock camera apps from the play store thinking they would improve the picture quality....NOT!!
Needless to say, I'm returning my Zenfone 2 because, in my opinion, "I" need an all around good phone!

  • nerdy gross

always bring power bank

  • Arup Barman

Wanna bye asus zenfone2

  • cjohn xd

How much Asus zenfone 2?

  • I have Zen phone is

THEZENPHONEGEEK, 07 Jan 2015lol phone of the yearI am using Zen phone 5 the battery backup of this phonE is poor easy to use this phone but I have to charge this phone 4 times in 24's my new phone but how could I solve this problem.

  • jithin

Wonderfull camera of zooming. Phone price will be good and quality phone. That is better?

  • jithin

Wonderfull camera of zooming. Phone price will be good and quality phone. That is better?

  • Anonymous

i wanna buy it. just tell me the price and where to buy?

  • venky

i wanna just buy it just tell me price

  • Anonymous

How much is this?

  • Chickoo

I juz Wanna Buy it As soon As Possible...

  • Gali

I'm waiting to buy this... It's really amazing more features with low cost....

  • Rahman Hakim

when these models are available in indonesia

  • AnonD-211109

I wish I can buy it Q2 when it arrive Cambodia. I love Zenphone so much.

  • vish

i wish to buy this phone but if this not launch till feb 2015 in india then i will go for micromax yu yureka.

  • jagadeesh

when these models are available in india

  • kichu

its have nonremovable battery.

  • don

hey, when asus zenfone 2 will available in indian market

  • kalpesh baroda

Best fucher this phone submit rajistation date

  • Anonymous

Asus did good job with zenfone 2, it's targeting directly to low budget costumers who can't buy a g3 which is perfectly clever move. In Turkey because of additional taxes this device will cost about 400 $ at starting price i think. Even this won't be a big problem for us consider the other main brands' overrated price policy in Turkey. I will change my old phone with zenfone 2 definitely. 👍