Asus announces the Zenfone 2 and Zenfone Zoom at CES 2015

05 January, 2015
Both phones have 5.5-inch Full HD screens, but the Zenfone Zoom offers a 3x zoom OIS camera lens.

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  • Anonymous

No Fan Boy...!, 06 Jan 2015Does It have 64 bit processor ?It is 64 bits

  • Anonymous

jenly, 07 Jan 2015I'm worried about the battery (it's now quad with bigger screen ... moreYou worry too much. lol. Relax and go over the article or spec sheet regarding this phone's CPU. You should notice their new phones would pack a newer generation of Intel's Atom line compared to ASUS's previous Zenfone models. I think the better proposition here is to do a cross-comparison/cross-check for Z25xx's performance pitting it against Z35xx's performance relative to battery capacity while taking into account other specs such as screen size, screen resolution, misc. tech used, etc

  • Supremo

Good show by ASUS. Asus Zenfone Zoom, great concept but not complete until and unless there's Xenon flash. Asus Zenfone 2 (4 GB), a true dark horse in the league but I guess battery is non-removable as with other Zenfones.

  • dodi

AnonD-7433, 07 Jan 2015This $200 phone is better then the $1000 iPhone 6.stupid comment.. how you compare both of them


lol phone of the year

  • swaniket

which camera sensor are they using in zenfone 2 and zenfone zoom?

  • swaniket this asus.. i'm gonna buy this for sure. awesome specs for a mid-range smartphone.

  • AnonD-7433

This $200 phone is better then the $1000 iPhone 6.

  • jenly

I'm worried about the battery (it's now quad with bigger screen and higher resolution) and Intel's compatibility still having problems with some apps. I'm mean if this is like the previous one with same issues only higher specd then its sad, you have a great phone but you always worry about the battery and power banks really? (I sold mine and go with a massive 5000mah batt phone witch is actually good all around). Hope this one is more power efficient. I personally Don't care about the 4gb ram (but more is better right?) 2-3 is enough for me , I mean you don't really wanna multi task on this screen size if this is a tablet it is very logical, I'm thinking even if your a gamer I don't think you can fully utulize this or even the 3gb, if this is good on battery perf I would go for the 2gb that would still be a win right?

  • Anonymous

Lol'ed hard at this. Nice to hear Asus beating other manufacturers' phones (even flagships, oh heavens!) to having the world's first 4GB RAM in a mobile phone. Now, history cannot be undone but, tbh, I believe the latest or the first is not always the best. So...

Next! (Taran Killam as Jebidiah Atkinson accent)

  • AnonD-291211

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2015i have been planning to buy zenfone5 but i could not decide bec... moreNo remedy. Battery will remain like this but you will get better operational experience with this phone. It can handle much more and make you ease. If You don't have any work and always want to busy with gaming and surfing on a phone then this phone is not for you. you can't ask that much at 10k. If battery is important to you then buy ARM based phones.

  • bogs

vagy, 05 Jan 2015android ,same all with the new look, nothing can beat iphone 6 e... morethe price of this zenfone2 will kill your iphone 6...

  • AnonD-291211

guest, 06 Jan 2015you are forgetting the term affordable over hereYes you are right. To them who criticize -- Ofcourse they inspired from them but with improvization like slimest with 3X optical zoom, Fast charging than others etc with a tag AFFORDABLE(it's innovation). Ask other brands to give their phone at a price asus providing.

  • Singh

H/W and S/W features looks awesome for zenfone 2 & battery which was weak for zenfone series has enhanced as
It's worth buying but it has to be available in India asap as so many competitor r in market.

  • Anonymous

Asus should have also given us a stylus model as there are plenty of similar phones like this.

  • guest

asder, 06 Jan 2015Well, they just made LG G3 and Lumia 1020(mixed with Samsung Zoo... moreyou are forgetting the term affordable over here

AnonD-265082, 05 Jan 2015Galaxy K Zoom or Lumia 1020?No doubt!

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom !!!

Android OS is an upgradable software and it has more apps than Micro$oft OS. And Micro$oft said that Lumia 1020 will be discontinued in a few weeks.

Galaxy K Zoom is an amazing smartphone that it has all you need. The camera software is so great, the phone advice you what kind of picture you can take it according to the conditions you are.

And its optical zoom is the best thing that I saw in my life !!!

Galaxy K Zoom is currently running by Android 4.4.2 and in April 2015 will get Android 5.0 Lollipop !!!

  • AnonD-243573

Intel Atom Z3580... Is this a downfall of "snapdragon era"? Even mine ridiculously cheap atom Z3740 is able to match snapdragon800, no problem... Ok, it lacks a little bit in graphics department, but every new 3D game is perfectly playable...


Haters gonna hate :D

  • Anonymous

atleast there is a new fan of LG 's rear keys.

LG G3 Japan's rear key is similar to this.

by the way asus is only good on paper but their 13mp camera is poorer than most 8mp cameras from leading phone makers like samsung, lg, sony