Chinese manufacturer TCL is reviving Palm

07 January, 2015
The TCL Corporation purchased the Palm brand and wants to restore the legend

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The Palm Treo yes, anything else no way! Palm wasn't big in the UK from what I gather. If you had a Smartphone back then it was either Nokia,Blackberry or the P series from Sony Ericsson.

  • Anonymous

I've been selling cellphone for a major compagnie in canada for 5 years and never had to touch a worst phone than the palm pre. Hope it's gonna be way better.

  • AnonD-171579

Will the Facebook feature phone be called the "Face Palm"?

  • Supremo

A Palm phone with Android OS would be just any other Android phone. Also Palm no name recognition among the newbies. Nothing to expect after all, the Chinese TCL is well, Chinese.

  • AnonD-77892

Akinaro, 07 Jan 2015OMG this is almost week old info. I was mentioning it few times ... moreare you the AKINARO in blog section too? why aren't you active for a long time?

  • AdamBoy64

Anything with a hardware keyboard would be amazing.

  • b12

good news, but I don't regard Alcatel since I don't find any feature seem to be worthy to be purchase - normal = design,spec,no special feature and even its price point is also not tempting(higher profit margin - unlike Xiaomi). But we shall see what form would the revive Palm would be when this project takes it shape.

  • AnonD-344706

can't wait for the return of palm products. well ahead of its time

  • Antymalware

PALM - True inventor of a Phablet territory!!!! Not Shamesung like some blind people might think!

  • Eidbest

This is very good news indeed. The Palm brand was truly great, providing us with great products, and as you said, well ahead of their time. The demise of Palm left a big gap, so now that TLC is about to revive this famous brand, nothing could make me happier. If TLC does its homework well, by producing Palm as a good and solid product with a good range of prices to suit all pockets, then success will be theirs. Renewing Iconic products like the VW Beetle, the Mini, the Fiat 500 hit success because they were revived by keeping their spirits alive.

  • Anonymous

They might be onto something if they can create a smartphone with the best features that palm offered.

  • dimsuk choi

Looks like a rebadging drill.

  • AnonD-349532

El You, 07 Jan 2015My Palm Treo680 was wonderful. The synchronization was ways comp... moreI agree with u. great & fast sync compared to Samsung Galaxy S5 which I currently use.

  • AnonD-324821

Palm what?

  • Sarosh

This is the best news I've heard for a long time !
I've used Palm Pilot-II onwards till the Palm-2 phone (which I still use as a music player !).
Wow, will be good to get to use a Palm again.
TCL is a highly innovative company, I've used their products also.

  • El You

My Palm Treo680 was wonderful. The synchronization was ways complete even via Bluetooth, and it had a far better sync and backup than I currently have with Galaxy Note 4.

I welcome the Palm brand.

  • nicksti

"Palm was a household name back in its glory days and fueled the US mobile scene, putting out spectacular products like the Pre and Pixi series, which were arguably ahead of their time."

What? Palm's prominence was during the Treo line.

OMG this is almost week old info. I was mentioning it few times in comments.