Sony Xperia T3 gets the Android 4.4.4 KitKat update

09 January, 2015
The phone thus moves to the last 4.x-based version of Google's mobile operating system.

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  • beek

please update xperia T3 at least on 5.0, PLEASE!

  • aadi

pls t3 update 5. 1

  • anynomes

give me the lolipop upgrade of sony xperia is gone
we got upgrade url-­ews=10709

  • Anonymous

Why we don't get updates for this version!!

  • lsr

Please get update of version of Xperia t3 kitkat to 5.1 or 6.0. It is too is not cheap phone........ And there is e4g and e4 has 5.1 also so.....why not in the t3....

  • Waiba

I want to upgrade my sony xperia t3 to lollipop android version .

  • rabin

i need upgrade my sony xperia E4 dual to lolipop5.1

  • Yazdan

Plz update t3 to 5 android version

  • Quasim

No one care about the price u paid for T3 because sony cares about money not the customer satisfaction.One day we r gng to see the collaboration of sony with other as like nokia

  • AnonD-520646

David, 21 Mar 2016T3 may getting marshmallow and not the would you know

  • Bro cool

Pls send an upgrade of android v5.0.2 for Sony xperia t3.
This isn't a cheap phone

  • Anonymous

sona, 28 Mar 2016Please upgrade lollipop in sony xperia T3 please Plzzz change my Sony experia T3 into 5.0 lollipop

  • sona

Please upgrade lollipop in sony xperia T3 please

  • Anonymous

really need a update for sony T3 .....kitkat is way too old now

  • meska

give lollipop for xperia t3 please

  • David

tell me, 08 Mar 2016my xperia t3 needs lolipop updateT3 may getting marshmallow and not the lollipop..

  • tell me

my xperia t3 needs lolipop update

  • Pratik

Pranav, 21 Feb 2016Please make an update for xperia t3 as fast as possible Plz sand update me xperia t3 lollipop plz

  • abhi

please update my xperia t3 to android version 5.0.2 please this is a request to sony india as i had paid 28000 bucks for my xperia t3

  • Pranav

Please make an update for xperia t3 as fast as possible